John Cena and Nikki Bella get back together on the June 17 episode of ‘Total Bellas’ after he agrees to have surgery — so he’s no longer sterile — JUST to give her kids! Here’s our recap!

Nikki Bella is still dealing with how to publicly handle the demise of her relationship with John Cena on the June 17 episode of Total Bellas. She’s forced to put on a brave face and pretend everything is fine, and then…the news goes public. We see Nikki’s reaction to John discussing their relationship on the Today Show — yes, that famous interview where he professed his love. It leaves her confused because they haven’t talked since deciding to end things, so she doesn’t know why he’s saying all these things on TV and not to her.

Of course, the main issue in Nikki and John’s relationship is that she wants to have kids and he doesn’t, and she’ll finally get a chance to see what it’s like to really be a mom when she watches Brie Bella’s daughter alone for the first time. It’s admittedly an exhausting day, but assures Nikki that she definitely wants kids. She also uses the time to prove to Brie that it’s okay to hire help when she needs it — and calls in a nanny behind her sister’s back to help out while she gets a workout in. It actually ends up working, and Brie realizes that hiring a nanny would help her make the best use of her time.

Her relationship drama is put front and center once again, though, when John invites her to dinner and they finally have a chance to hash things out once and for all. Things are definitely a bit awkward at first. Nikki makes comes clean about everything that was bothering her, and John admits that he felt like she was giving him false hope throughout their relationship by not flat-out saying what she wanted when she wanted it.

His main issue is clear — just say what you want and how you feel — while Nikki is adamant that she just can’t see a life without having kids. However, John is worried that there may be a deeper issue, and he doesn’t want to have kids with Nikki just for her to still resent him for different reasons later.

She assures him that her only issue is possibly not being a mom, and John lets her know that he’s willing to make the sacrifice. Even though he physically cannot have kids, he’s willing to have surgery just to give her the child of her dreams. Wait…did John just confirm that he had a vasectomy in the past and now wants to get reversal surgery!??! The episode ends with them happily getting back together! However, as we now know, they’re still “just friends” in real life….so there’s still a lot of drama sure to come.

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