Do YOU have an above average IQ? Tricky quiz puts your maths and language skills to the test (and the questions are deceptively difficult)

  • A Playbuzz quiz master challenged the internet to pass a tricky spelling test
  • The ten multiple choice questions cover maths, language and word play
  • Those who score ten out of ten are said to be of above average intelligence

A tricky quiz has emerged, which claims to tell whether your intelligence is higher than that of the average person. 

Created on Playbuzz by author Cody Cross, the puzzle poses ten questions covering maths, word play, and language.

According to the creator, those who manage to score ten out of ten have an IQ ‘far up above the average’.

The challenges include identifying how many times you’ll encounter the number five while counting to 100, and identifying one quarter of one quarter of 1,024.

So how will you fare on this tricky quiz?

Quiz site Playbuzz have shared a tricky multi-choice puzzle with questions covering Maths, language and word play, with those scoring ten out of ten said to be of higher intelligence

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1. 20

2. Electricity 

3. Illustrative

4.  64

5. Country (Croatia)

6. Second place

7. Hand

8. February

9. 36 

10.  Valiant

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