Was Tristan Thompson’s alleged relationship with Lani Blair even more complicated than we thought? We heard that he ‘shelled out thousands of dollars’ on her!

By now, you’re likely well aware that Tristan Thompson has been accused of seeing five different women over the course of Khloe Kardashian‘s pregnancy. But Lani Blair, the woman identified in the Daily Mail footage that opened the floodgates on this scandal, may have been more involved with the 27-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers player than we initially thought. “Lani and Tristan have been hanging out on the low for months now, however they were friends before he and Khloe started dating,” a source close to Blair tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Lani was a bartender when she and Tristan met and she was well-known by many athletes and rappers in the industry already.”

Our insider insists that Blair isn’t worried about the other women who’ve claimed they’ve been involved with the NBA star, but she did think she was more important to him. “Lani isn’t new to the game, and is loved by a lot of people, but she tried to really keep things simple between Tristan and herself,” the source adds. “Tristan falls hard for women he finds attractive, and Lani never wanted things to get out of hand. She isn’t upset that other women have come forward claiming that they had their own flings with Tristan, but she is definitely surprised because Tristan was adamant that she was very special to him.”

While it’s strange that the strip club worker would believe that she’s “very special” to Tristan considering he already had a very pregnant girlfriend at home, her (unwarranted?) confidence might be due to the presents and trips Tristan allegedly gave her. “He bought her numerous expensive pieces of jewelry and shelled out thousands of dollars for hotel rooms for herself and her friends to follow the team when they played in big cities.” Yikes. Khloe still hasn’t publicly responded to the drama or dumped her boyfriend.

HollywoodLife reached out to Tristan’s rep for comment.

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