After being spotted smooching with multiple women while Khloe Kardashian was pregnant, Tristan Thompson is sorry about his behavior. Now an insider’s exclusively telling us why.

It’s easy to say once you’ve been caught. But apparently Tristan Thompson, 27, regrets being caught smooching with other women while Khloe Kardashian, 33, was at home, pregnant with their child. A source close to Tristan has spilled the beans EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife. It seems that it’s not so fun being branded a cheater. The insider claims, “Tristan has major regrets over being caught with other women. His life has been challenging and [he] genuinely feels bad for hurting Khloe.”

But it seems Tristan is not just sorry about what he’s done. He’s upset about the way he’s being treated ever since video footage and pics were leaked of him getting up close and personal with groupies. On April 10 footage of the Cleveland Cavaliers star heading into a New York hotel with strip club bartender Lani Blair surfaced, which must have been especially painful for Khloe who was just days away from giving birth to their daughter True Thompson. People seem to be taking the reality TV star’s side – even Tristan’s own teammates apparently.

As fans know the basketball star has spent more time on the bench than on the court during the NBA Playoffs and he’s beginning to wonder if his personal life has something to do with it. The insider says, “People are treating Tristan differently too. Teammates, coaches, fans, strangers at restaurants are all giving him an attitude, being rude and treating him differently. He feels like he really screwed up and it sucks to be him right now.”

Our source adds, “Tristan is confused and upset over his lack of playing time in the Playoffs and wonders what, if anything, his lack of minutes has to do with him cheating on Khloe. He doesn’t think coaches would discipline him instead of chase the championship. But he is still paranoid and wonders. He wishes he was on the floor helping his team wins and feels horrible about being on the bench. It has been humbling for him and doubt lingers as to why he is not a factor in the Playoffs.”



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