As shelter-in-place lockdowns begin to lift in most states and salons slowly (and safely) reopen their doors, you wouldn't be alone if the first place you're headed is straight to your hairstylist's chair to touch up your quarantine roots. 

While you might usually be gearing up for a super bright blonde for summer, like every other aspect of our lives, hair color trends are looking a little different this year. Thanks to a combination of limited salon availability—most are only allowing 50% capacity at the moment—and the threat of a second wave of lockdowns later this year, many are reconsidering their usual hair colors for options with the lowest maintenance possible.

“I think it’s all going to be about the grow-out,” says Stephanie Brown, master colorist at New York's IGK Salon Soho. “Whether someone goes very natural or a little extreme, people are going to want their hair color to be able to grow out easily without having to touch up their roots as often. People want their hair color to last longer and not feel that it needs as much maintenance in case lockdowns happen again,” she says. 

Instead of bright summery blondes and pale platinums, this summer's coolest trend for blondes is more on the natural side. Dubbed “Undone Blonde” by our British sisters at Glamour UK, it's all about a darker golden blonde that looks naturally sun-kissed, not bleached. “Past summers we always see brighter, blonder, paler highlights,” says Brown. “This summer will be more of a discussion between colorist and client what will work best and be easiest to maintain.”” data-instgrm-version=”8″>Think of Undone Blonde more as a mindset than a specific shade. For you, it may mean ditching platinum for a more natural honey blonde, trying subtle highlights instead of a full foil, or even going a slightly darker shade of blonde. Generally though, the look consists of a golden blonde shade that's easier to maintain, and a bit of a darker root. Lauren Grummel, a hairstylist in New York loves leaving a bit of a root smudge to add dimension and make for a seamless grow out. “I love it for its subtle contrast,” she says. “Ask for brighter ends, with dimension through the midlength and less blonde through the roots, and always brighter pieces around the face.” 

Essentially, it's the perfect way to try something new that still feels fresh and summery without as much upkeep. The timing couldn't be any better, given we could all use one less thing to worry about right now. Scroll on for some of our favorite takes on the trend, below.” data-instgrm-version=”8″>Bella Cacciatore is the beauty associate at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @bellacacciatore_.

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