There used to be a time when the only day you could really enjoy significant discounts on tech was Black Friday. Social distancing is going to make attempting in-person shopping chaotic at best, but luckily the days of lining up outside a Best Buy at 1 AM are behind us—you can enjoy BF-level savings online right now.

Here are 15 premium home security devices that boast massive savings ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’ve got a variety of indoor and outdoor smart cameras that come with a number of hi-tech features, including (but not limited to) advanced night vision, motion detection, 24/7 live video feeds, Google and Alexa voice controls, and smartphone integrations. Shop now while prices are holiday-season low.

blurams Dome Pro 1080p Security Camera, now on sale for $49.99

Unlike other home security devices, the blurams Dome Pro comes with facial recognition software that can easily identify someone within your close circle, such as friends or family, as well as strangers who aren’t approved visitors in your home.

NetGear Arlo Pro 2 VMC4030-100NAR HD Security Camera (Refurbished), now on sale for $109.99


If you’ve been in the market for a security camera for a while now, chances are you’ve stumbled upon the Arlo Pro. This fan-favorite device that’s been widely reviewed across Amazon, Walmart, and other big-name retailers boasts new and improved upgrades on its 24/7 recording feeds and motion detection technology.

NetGear Arlo Q Indoor Wi-Fi 1080p Security Camera (Refurbished), now on sale for $99.99

It’s not just outdoor cameras Arlo has perfected. Its indoor Arlo Q HD Security device features high-definition 1080p video and built-in night vision for your home, making it a great option for those who want a second pair of eyes on their furry friends or cherished belongings while they’re away.

Hombli Smart Indoor Camera, now on sale for $39.95

Price drop alert! Hombli’s smart indoor camera, which comes with two-way audio, night vision, 1080p HD video, and cloud video storage is now on sale for a budget-friendly $39.95—a total savings of 60% off its retail price.

Litmor Wireless Rechargeable Camera: Bundle of 2, now on sale for $124.95 

With an adjustable mount system that allows you to position the camera anywhere you’d like, the weather-proof Litmor Battery Cam can capture indoor our outdoor footage for you day and night, rain and shine. And with an Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration, you’ll be able to control the device with just the sound of your voice.

CapsuleCam: WDR Security Camera with Starlight Vision Tech, now on sale for $43.99

Here’s the thing with night-time vision: Traditional cameras only use infrared sensors for this, leaving you with footage that’s solely black and white That, however, isn’t the case with the CapsuleCam, a device that comes with its signature Starlight Vision Technology that allows users to see clearer images in color.

X1 Indoor Security Camera, now on sale for $73.99

When it comes to indoor security setups, discretion is key. That’s why the Bosma X1 was designed to blend into any environment within your home, sending live footage straight to your connected smart devices whenever you want it.

XC Security Camera, now on sale for $43.99

Bosma’s XC indoor security camera, which comes with 360-degree visibility and a voice-assistant integration, isn’t just a favorite among everyday users; critics have also given it the stamp of approval, giving it the title of 2019 Red Dot Award-Winner.

Kami 1080P Wire-Free Indoor/Outdoor Home Camera Kit, now on sale for $74.99

The Kami Home Camera Kit makes integrating a security device in your home completely easy. There’s no wires, no tricky installation, no constant battery recharging, and more importantly, there’s now no astronomical price tag.

Sinji Pan Tilt Indoor Camera, now on sale for $39.95

Once the Siniji Smart Pan-Tilt Camera detects movement, it will automatically begin tracking that person, panning and tilting its view around the room to get a full view of those in your home. Pretty genius, right?

Sinji Smart Outdoor Camera, now sale for $59.95

Considering how much money you’ll save on an indoor camera today from Sinji, you might as well complete your home security suite with this outdoor device from the brand, too. It comes with the same smart camera, which can send notifications directly to your phone when movement is detected, as well as two-way audio communication and encrypted cloud storage.

TOKK CAM C2: Discreet Day/Night Vision Camera, now on sale for $64.99

The smallest device on our list today comes from TOKK. Its Cam C2 can easily fit in the palm of your hand, making it ideal as a discreet body camera or dashcam in your car. Simply attach it to any metal surface and you’re ready to go.

blurams Outdoor Pro Security Camera Outdoor System, now on sale for $59.99

This Amazon’s Choice product (which has been rated a solid 4.2 stars) is best known for its dual siren and alarm system, ability to communicate with guests when they’re at the door, IP65 weather-resistant exterior keeps the device up and running even during inclement weather, and face recognition technology that can easily differentiate from humans, pets, and other moving objects.

Crorzar Anywhere: Rechargeable WiFi Security Camera, now on sale for $99.99 

Given the typical rise in package theft during the holiday season, it’s only natural you’d want a security camera as a second pair of eyes whenever a delivery arrives at your doorstep. The Crorzar excels at just that, allowing you to easily hold a conversation with your delivery person as well as record and watch live footage of your front door if you’re not home right away to pick up your mail.

Crorzar Indoor 360 Security Camera, now on sale for $69.99

Considering its new 30%-off price, we think now is the best time to add the Crozar Indoor 360 Security Camera to your abode. This device comes with smart-tracking 360-degree coverage to monitor every part of your home the next time you’re away.

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