Is there one thing your partner does that really grinds your gears, gets under your skin and leaves you wanting to slam doors and kick and scream in frustration?

It might be that they leave the milk on the side after making a cup of tea, or drop dirty washing on the floor instead of putting it in the laundry basket.

One common pet peeve in a relationship is leaving the toilet seat up and it's something one Mumsnet user has had enough of her husband doing.

The unnamed woman took to the site to share her issue and reveal the sneaky way she'd decided to get revenge on her husband for it.

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Referring to her situation as "The Toilet Seat Saga", the woman said: "Basically, my husband and I have an ongoing dispute over the downstairs toilet. I have asked him a million times to put the lid down after he uses it – which is about every half hour…

"I have sent him links to articles about hygiene and also put a large note on top of the toilet asking him nicely to put the lid down in case he just forgets. I have pointed out that our baby is going to start crawling soon and, as the downstairs look is between the living room and kitchen, she is probably going to end up in there numerous times.

"Every request is met with an eye roll and him saying that it's not a big deal or just ignored."

She added: "So tonight I have decided that every time he leaves the lid up I will empty a beer down the sink and leave the bottle upside down.

"I haven't told him this and I'm just going to start doing it and wait until he asks or realises what is going on.

"Am I being unreasonable?"

Around 100 people replied to the mum's post, with some saying they thought her plan was rather OTT (over the top).

One user replied: "That seems a bit of a waste and a bit OTT to be honest. It's not that big a deal? I'm sure you could get an automatic lid closer if it bothers you that much."

Someone else wrote: "I understand that it's frustrating but emptying his beer sounds a bit OTT. I think if a woman posted that she kept forgetting to do something so her husband destroyed something of hers each time she forget then posters would be telling her to run for the hills."

"You're not being unreasonable to get annoyed with your husband," said a different person. "You are being very unreasonable to pour away perfectly good beer. What a waste! Find something else to do to annoy him instead."

A third suggested: "Tell him to pee in a bucket in the garden."

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