Engineer, 28, who spent years struggling with her weight reveals how she lost over three STONE in just six months – after falling for a personal trainer

  • Senior project engineer Rachel Parkes, 28, was 12st 7lb and a dress size 14
  • Unhappy with her weight, she struggled to motivate herself to exercise 
  • Finally forced herself to go to the gym where she met her PT boyfriend
  • Chris Stevenson created a bespoke diet plan for Rachel to follow 
  • Within six and a half months she dropped to 9st 2lb and a UK size 8 

A project engineer who spent years struggling with her weight has revealed how she lost over 3st in six and a half months, after falling in love with a personal trainer. 

Rachel Parkes, 28, from Barrow-in-Furness, was unhappy with her size 14 frame, but rarely exercised despite forking out for gym membership. 

When her weight his 12st 7lb, Rachel finally decided to make a habit of hitting the gym, and it was there that she met personal trainer Chris Stevenson, who is now her other half. 

Rachel explained how Chris created a bespoke diet plan for her to follow alongside her exercise routine, and six months on she’d dropped three and a half stone to 9st 2lb, and a dress size 8.  

Senior project engineer Rachel Parkes, 28, from Barrow-in-Furness, spent years struggling with her weight 

She shed more than three stone in the space of just six and a half months, with a little help from her personal trainer boyfriend, Chris Stevenson 

Rachel told how she would previously enjoy spaghetti bolognese or chilli for dinner after work, and indulge in sugary snacks.  

‘Being overweight was through poor food choices, portion sizes and enjoying the sweet stuff. Not thinking about what I was eating and also, not exercising,’ she said, 

‘Typically, I used to get up – always late for work so I’d either have a cereal bar or nothing for breakfast. 

‘I’d go to the local supermarket for dinner and get a meal deal of sandwich, crisps and a drink. Then tea I’d make spag bol or chilli, but had no control over my portion size.’

Rachel had been paying for gym membership for a year, but had only made it a handful of times, when she finally resolved to make it a permanent part of her routine.    

‘I wouldn’t exercise, so I got in from work and sat in front of the telly before going to bed to repeat my day again,’ she said. 

‘Literally one day I just got up and went to the gym, I’d been paying for it for nearly a year. 

‘I went the odd days but they were few and far between. But that day I just went and never looked back.’

Rachel said that when her boyfriend Chris (couple pictured together) created a bespoke diet plan for her to follow alongside her training, she saw the weight begin to drop off 

Now Rachel prepares and cooks her meals in advance, weighing everything out to ensure she’s getting the right balance of food groups for her

She said meeting Chris helped to kick her transformation up a gear.

‘Firstly, I started going to the gym and cut down on food, then I met my boyfriend who is a personal trainer. 

‘He did me a diet plan to work alongside my exercise which was just cardio at the time. Once I had the two, my results came so fast.

‘My diet has changed where I’m eating all clean foods. I cook and prepare my food a few days in advance, weighing my food as described in my diet plan.

‘It means I know where I am and because it’s there ready, I have no reason to go hungry or go and buy something quick from a shop.

‘I feel great about myself. I now don’t worry about going shopping and thinking which size will fit me when I get the clothes in the changing rooms.

‘I know that I still have things to work on but overall I love how healthy I am. 

‘Also, because I’m so active I don’t feel guilty if I want to go for a meal with friends, family or boyfriend because I’ll have earned it. I honestly wish I’d got into this sooner,’ Rachel added. 

Rachel said one day she just decided to get up and go to the gym – having previously paid for membership but not made the effort to actually exercise 

After committing to changing her lifestyle, the 28-year-old is now a UK dress size 8

Now Rachel’s regime consists of fasted cardio – meaning exercising before eating – before breakfast. 

She then follows her tailored diet plan throughout the day, which consists of six meals, and she goes to the gym five times a week where she focuses on weights. 

Rachel shares her weight loss journey on Instagram, under the handle @rachhyp and Chris shares his personal training work under the handle @stivypt_fit.

Rachel said her weight loss journey hasn’t all been plain sailing.  

‘I wouldn’t say I had problems during my weight loss. It was more me having to change my “lifestyle”, at first, I’m not going to lie you feel like it’s a burden,’ she said.

‘But now, it’s not because this is my life now and going to the gym is part of my  routine.

Rachel used to enjoy spaghetti bolognese or chili for dinner, but now weighs out the ingredients for her meals, which she prepares in advance

Rachel now documents are diet and training efforts online on her Instagram account 

‘I get a lot of compliments on my Instagram and if I see people in person, they say how I’ve done really well and look amazing which is so lovely to hear.

‘My advice is invest in seeking advice from someone who knows about nutrition and is able to tailor a diet plan just for you which will include portion sizes but also be able to meet your daily nutrition requirements.

‘Also increase exercise – be active.’  

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