If you’ve ever dealt with a foldable sofa bed you’ll know what a nuisance they can be.

We’re not talking about the pull-out couches where you might be able to get a decent night’s kip, but its flimsier counterpart that folds upwards.

One woman attempting to make her sofa bed was hilariously caught inside it when the bed folded and ‘swallowed’ her.

Dani Garland, 25, was ‘eaten’ by the sofa bed while making her friend Shay Stock’s bed at the holiday park where they work.

Shay was staying on-site at Challaborough Bay Holiday Park, in Kingsbridge, Devon, when Dani offered to help make up his bed.

A funny clip shows Dani clambering on top of the mattress to sort out the sheets – before the bed folds up with her inside it.

Shay and Dani erupted in laughter as Dani disappeared into the sheets.

As Shay made the bed, Dani watched from afar, commenting: ‘She’s a good egg making me make my bed, isn’t she?’.

But the kind friend made the mistake of stepping onto the edge of the flimsy frame, which catapulted the bed into the air, sandwiching her inside the fold.

In the video, nobody rushes to Dani’s aid, and she is seen struggling to free herself from its clutches.

Shay, who works on the entertainment team at the site, confirmed that park supervisor Dani was not badly scarred by the incident.

He added: ‘She only hurt her foot a little bit.’

Foldable beds – what are they like?

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