‘I was praying he’d keep it in his pants’: Woman tests her boyfriend’s loyalty by having her BEST FRIEND try to seduce him after he joked about them all having ‘a threesome’

  • A woman named Ashley put her relationship to the test when she appeared on the popular YouTube series To Catch a Cheater 
  • Ashley’s best friend Alex was asked to hit on boyfriend Bart while a hidden camera captured his reaction
  • Unfortunately for Ashley, her boyfriend didn’t just flirt with Alex, he agreed to go over her house and potentially spend the night with her
  • ‘I can’t trust him,’ Ashley said. ‘If he is going to be like that with my best friend, God knows what he would be like with another gir’

A suspicious girlfriend put her boyfriend’s loyalty to the test by having her attractive best friend try to seduce him. 

On the latest episode of the popular YouTube series To Catch a Cheater, a woman named Ashley admits that she doesn’t trust her boyfriend Bart with her friend Alex because he has already shown interest in her.

‘She’s the kind of girl you don’t want to leave in the room with your boyfriend,’ she explains. ‘He’s even made jokes with me about having a threesome with her.’ 

Sting: A woman named Ashley (left) asked her best friend Alex (left) to try to seduce her boyfriend Bart (left) to see if he would cheat 

To close for comfort: A hidden camera captured Alex flirting with Bart after she ‘bumped’ into him in a parking lot

As part of the set up, hidden cameras follow Alex as she pretends to bump into Bart in a parking lot while he is on his lunch break.

Alex gives him a big hug, and she doesn’t waste any time before she starts flirting with him.

She gushes that Bart looks ‘adorable’ in a tie and quickly notes that her boyfriend had just broken up with her.

Alex, who is wearing a skimpy white crop top and very short cutoffs, explains that she is working on her ‘revenge body.’

‘What do you think?’ she asks Bart, who immediately replies: ‘You look nice.’ 

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Laying it on thick: Ashley watched Alex affectionately fix Bart’s tie during the meeting 

Yikes: When Alex complained that she has been ‘so bored lately,’ Bart told her to him him up 

Ashley’s best friend affectionately fixes her boyfriend’s tie before complaining how bored she has been lately. 

‘You should hit me up some time,’ Bart tells her.   

‘Yeah? Would you wanna like come over?’ she asks. ‘We could just like, I don’t know, watch a movie or order pizza.’

‘Yeah, yeah, I could do that,’ he says enthusiastically.

Bart is already sold on hanging out with her, but she adds that she has Mario Tennis for her Nintendo Wii that they can play when he stops by. 

Manipulation: Alex suggested that he should come over, but she asked him to keep it a secret from Ashley 

No hesitation: Bart told Alex that he had no problem keeping it to himself, and she went on to suggest that he should bring pajamas in case he wants to sleep over 

The two exchange numbers, and Alex makes it clear that the hangout is far from innocent when she asks Bart to keep their meet up from Ashley. 

He has ‘no problem’ keeping the secret, and she takes things a step further by telling him to bring ‘some pajamas’ in case he wants to stay over. 

‘Can I just be honest with you for a second?’ she asks. ‘I mean Ashley and me have been, like, on the rocks lately, so maybe just don’t mention it to her. I mean I won’t say anything, just like you won’t.’ 

After once again agreeing to keep it between them, Bart flirtatiously asks her: ‘Can I see that revenge body?’

Gushing: Alex confessed that Ashley told her that he was endowed and gushed that he looked like he was strong enough to lift her up — which he did 

‘You are strong!’ Bart happily lifted Alex above his head int he parking lot Dirty Dancing-style 

‘Hell yeah you can! You like?’ she asks as she does a little twirl in front of him. ‘You can explore it more tonight.’

Alex then confesses that Ashley told her that he was endowed and gushed that he looked like he was strong enough to lift her up.

Bart puts his drink on the ground and proves her right by lifting her above his head Dirty Dancing-style.

When Alex finally says goodbye, Bart has a big smile on his face as he watches her walk away.

Out of line: Bart had a big smile on his face as he watched Alex walk away 

No trust: After watching the footage, Ashley admitted that she has no other choice but to break up with Bart because she clearly can’t trust him

‘He’s not allowed to hang out with other girls when I’m not there,’ Ashley gripes after watching the hidden-camera footage.   

She explains that it became cheating as soon as Bart made plans to hang out with Alex and potentially sleep over her house. 

‘You don’t do that when you’re in a relationship,’ she says. ‘I was hoping and praying that he would keep it in his f*****g pants.’

Ashley admits that she has no other choice but to break up with him.   

‘I can’t trust him,’ she says. ‘If he is going to be like that with my best friend, God knows what he would be like with another girl.’

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