A woman was gobsmacked when she saw her own mum effortlessly arrange a no-strings sex session with her cheating boyfriend.

Ashley, who admits her mum is good looking, revealed she had long-standing fears that her boyfriend Zack had the hots for the cougar when she appeared on To Catch A Cheater .

Luckily, her mum agreed to act as a decoy and the team was able to catch her beau’s betrayal on hidden cameras.

In a cringe-inducing video, the older blonde bombshell is seen flirting with Zack, who looks as if he has won the lottery.

Ashley’s mum tells him that she has a younger boyfriend who she wants to impress in the bedroom.

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She says: “I need some experience being with somebody your age so then I know how to f*** my boyfriend.”

The lad gasps with shock, then eagerly says: “If you’re down, I guess I don’t see why not.”

“It’s going to be good for you too,” she adds.

“Okay, I guess I’m gonna learn something new,” the thirsty lad replies, before smacking his girlfriend's mum on the backside.

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Ashley, who is watching the X-rated conversation on a laptop, can be seen scowling in shock and anger.

Zack is later seen arriving at Ashley’s mum’s home for their pre-arranged workout and sex session.

He confidently strides in and gives her a big kiss on the lips.

When she asks him if he is excited, he grins and says “obviously”.

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Thankfully, Ashley’s mum has no real intention of having sex with Zack and disappears under the ruse of getting changed.

The horrified lad is then caught red-handed by the To Catch a Cheater team and tries to deny that he was planning to do the dirty on Ashley with her own mum.

However, he is caught out by the transcript of his explicit conversation with Ashley’s mum from earlier.

Zack is then accosted by Ashley – who is not buying any of his excuses – which leaves him fuming with rage on the street.

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The clip has been seen more than 76,000 times since it was uploaded by the To Catch A Cheater Youtube channel yesterday.

There was hot debate as to whether it was fair to use such an obvious pro at seduction like Ashley's mum, with many saying they would be unable to resist the cougar.

“I mean..can y’all blame him?” asked one viewer.

Another man said: “No normal person would say ‘no’. Just sayin..”

“This guy almost achieved every men dream,” joked a third person in the comments.

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