Thanks to the Yanny versus Laurel internet debate, Trump has unintentionally solved a whole different mystery.

The internet has been buzzing this week after a video surfaced asking people to weigh in on what they hear, Yanny or Laurel. Those who partake in the hottest internet controversy all hear what they believe to be an obvious answer. However, according to a CBS poll, those answers are split 60/40 with only 20 percent more people who hear Laurel.

According to Wired Magazine, the Yanny or Laurel debate originated when a student from Flowery Branch High School in Georgis, Katie Hetzel, had an issue with one of her assigned vocabulary words. The word in question was written as Laurel on her paper, but when she played the audio using a vocabulary application, she heard Yanny.

It seems as if everyone is talking about this controversy in a way reminiscent of the great dress color debate in 2015. An article previously published by the Inquisitr states, it’s the “blue-and-gray vs. white-and-gold dress controversy all over again.”

Now everyone is talking about the White House’s reaction video posted on the White House Facebook page last night. The short video, which was made in response to the growing popularity of the internet debate, has been viewed more than 4.7 million views. At the time of this article, the video has been shared in excess of 77 thousand times. You can watch the video for yourself below.

Several familiar faces can be seen chiming in. Members of the Trump administration, including Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Ivanka Trump, and Vice President Mike Pence all took part in the viral hearing test and filming of the video.

‪This year’s #TaxDay is the last time you’ll have to file your taxes through an outdated, broken system. #BYE-BYE‬

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President Donald Trump, sitting in the Oval Office, also played along. In this hilarious video, Trump admits that he doesn’t hear Laurel nor Yanny. He clearly states “All I hear is covfefe” and once again the internet buzzes with a different take on the debate.

President Donald Trump sent out a tweet that contained the video which has now been heard around the world. CNBC reports that the tweet wasn’t an official White House announcement, but rather a post that gave proper pronunciation to the word “covfefe.” The word still has no documented meaning.

Almost a year following a social media post in which President Donald Trump tweeted “covfefe,” America finally knows how the word is meant to be pronounced. Thanks to the Yanny versus Laurel internet debate, Trump has unintentionally solved a whole different mystery.

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