These days, nearly everyone knows Freddie Prinze, Jr. seems to be a happily married person who is loving life as a husband and father. Freddie seems to be pretty good at being a family man, but he has also had an interesting career over the years.

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Fans of Freddie’s might remember that he was a pretty big deal a while back. There are actually lots of intriguing details about this actor’s career that even some of his biggest fans might not know.

10 A Horror Film Gave Him His Big Break

People who love to watch horror films probably remember the fact that this actor played a big role in the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer when it came out in the late 1990s. One of the many interesting facts about this film is that it helped Freddie meet the woman whom he is currently married to, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar.

This movie helped Prinze’s career substantially. It seems a lot of people noticed him after he got that role since he was cast in many films afterward.

9 Freddie Wasn’t Thrilled About Being In Scooby-Doo, At First

Initially, the actor was not very happy about being involved in the live-action movie Scooby-Doo. This was rather surprising to some of the people that created the film. The actor was not excited about it in the beginning because he is a fan of the cartoon, and he did not think that the movie was going to do the cartoon much justice.

But his wife, who also starred in that film, spoke to him about it. Obviously, whatever she said worked, since he ended up starring in two of those movies. Perhaps he enjoyed working on a film with her again.

8 Show Business Runs In The Family

Freddie is not the only member of his immediate family that has been involved in show business. His father was also a pretty well-known actor. Another interesting fact to remember is that Freddie shares the same name as his dad.

His father appeared in a couple of different things. He played a character in the television series Chico And The Man, where he played the titular Chico. He also played a role in the television film The Million Dollar Rip-Off. But he was not just an actor. He also wrote one of the episodes of the television series that he was involved in.

7 He Was Involved With Wrestling

Fans of Freddie’s when he was more involved with films probably would never have guessed that he would ever be involved in the world of wrestling. The actor did a few different things with the WWE, including appearing in the ring a couple of times, which was probably a big surprise for his fans.

The actor actually has done many things in the world of professional wrestling, but his career in that field did not seem to last very long. He did some producing, and he also wrote and directed some things during this time.

6 Freddie Is Into Cooking

Freddie has actually done a lot of things professionally, including creating a cookbook. It seems that this man can do almost everything and be successful while doing it. The talented actor enjoys being in the kitchen so much that he actually wrote a cookbook, and it is called Back To The Kitchen.

5 He Is Not A Fan Of A Former Co-Worker

Freddie Prinze Jr. seems to be a pretty nice guy, but that did not stop him from having some pretty serious complaints about his former co-star, Kiefer Sutherland. Prinze claimed that Kiefer is an extremely unprofessional actor. He really did not have many good things to say about him.

“That’s not me talking trash. I’d say it to his face. I think everyone that’s worked with him has said that,” said Freddie. The actor then suggested that his statement was a pretty powerful one since he has worked with other people who are often considered to be rather unprofessional without comment.

4 The Actor Was On Friends

Even though Freddie was already pretty famous at the time, he had a rather small role on the television show Friends. People who have enjoyed watching that show might remember that he played the nanny that Ross and Rachel hire to help them out with their little girl, Emma.

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The episode he starred in is one that really stands out today. The title of it is “The One With The Male Nanny,” and there are lots of parts of it that might be considered controversial these days since many of Ross’s lines in that episode seem rather sexist. His character’s name was Sandy.

3 One Of His Roles Almost Went To Tom Hanks

The role of Sandy might have gone to Tom Hanks if things had gone just a bit differently. Freddie actually did not even get notified about the role until the day before that episode was supposed to be filmed.

That seems like pretty short notice, but Freddie still did a pretty good job. The only reason Tom ended up not being able to take on the role was that he had been filming another project, and he would not be able to travel to the right area on time. It’s weird to think about what that episode might have been like if Hanks had starred in it instead.

2 David Schwimmer Gave Him An Encouraging Talk

Being on live television can be a little bit hard sometimes, but Freddie received some reassuring words from David Schwimmer before he filmed that particular episode of Friends. David told Freddie that he was really going to enjoy doing it, and he even compared shooting live television shows to creating two-act plays.

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David also told Freddie that there was nothing to worry about and that the audience members were usually pretty engaged when the show was being created. It sounds like working on the set of Friends was a lot of fun, since the cast members have had a lot of great things to say about it.

1 It Didn’t Take Long For Him To Start Getting Roles

Freddie did not have to work in the business for very long before he started getting some really good roles. Most of the time, actors and actresses have to take on a lot of small roles in relatively unknown projects before they have the chance to get a big role, but it does not look like that is what happened with Freddie.

1995 is when Prinze started getting a few roles in projects here and there. A couple of years later, the actor was in I Know What You Did Last Summer, and the rest of the story is show business history.

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