Young Thug is a rapper from Atlanta who has been making waves in the world of hip-hop. He has been an inspiration to other aspiring rappers as his unique sound has opened doors for new artists across the world. This man also has a popular Twitter page with over 4 million followers who hang on his every word and piece of wisdom.

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There are quite a few of his tweets that are unconventionally cryptic and we are still trying to figure out the meaning behind them. We sometimes worry about his mental state as we try to decode the thought behind the message. Keep reading to learn about 10 of the most bizarre Young Thug tweets that will leave you scratching your head!

10 What Exactly Is He Not Buying?

We are left baffled by this tweet as we try to comprehend what exactly he chose not to buy. He almost seems upset about something, but the way it is written we can’t quite grasp the meaning behind it.

We searched the comments for an answer and other followers were as confused as we were. We doubt we will ever know the truth as it has been an entire year since he sent this out into the world. It can only be assumed that this person will only receive texts, but it is so bizarre that nothing is for certain.

9 What Did Water Ever Do To Him?

He states in this tweet that he doesn’t drink water, and many fans were concerned in the comments as they encouraged him to break this bad habit.

We aren’t sure why he has chosen this lifestyle based on the rest of the tweet and we doubt we will ever have the answer to our question. Water is necessary for our survival and to maintain our health, so we hope since he tweeted this out that he has reconsidered his stance on the topic.

8 His Philosophy Left Us Confused

It almost seems like he had tried to impart great wisdom on us in this tweet, but instead, we were left scratching our heads in confusion. We can ascertain that prosperity refers to his wealth, although, diversity doesn’t make sense here.

Diversity is defined as a variety, and we are still not sure how this shows who they really are. Did it ignite certain conversations with these so-called friends or was it something else entirely? It was cryptic beyond belief and we would still like to know the meaning of it.

7 Pure Has A New Meaning

Young Thug created his own mnemonic with the word pure, and he completely missed the mark. We don’t quite understand what ‘eye’ means exactly, and why exactly it relates to purity.

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It can be guessed that he puts purity and trustworthiness into the same category, but we can’t ever say that we spend our time ‘eyeing’ people. Pure can be described as someone wholesome and free of any transgressions, and as far as we can tell, there is no mention of either of those things in this tweet.

6 The Quotation Marks Baffled Us

We can sort of follow his logic to an extent as he encourages others to save money because that will be their retirement plan. He did lose us with the quotes he put around the word “save,” as well as the capital letters.

It almost makes us think there was some other hidden meaning behind this tweet concerning his funds. If this is the case, then how exactly is our money going to save us? It seems like we should be fearing something in regard to our bank accounts, but right now, we aren’t quite sure what that is.

5 Where Is He Voting?

We can understand that he wants to vote for Twitter, but we are not exactly sure why based on this tweet. It is thoroughly confusing, especially with the cryptic smiley at the end, and we wonder what negativity he is referring too.

We almost wonder if he was having a rough time and this was his way of coping with it, but there is no evidence or other tweets to back up this theory. If we had a choice then we would vote for Twitter too, but we might ask that they find a way to decode this tweet for us.

4 Flooding Toilets Were The Last Thing We Expected

This rapper randomly sent this tweet out into the world back in 2018, and we are slightly concerned. Where is he going that toilets keep flooding? Or is he the culprit behind these malfunctioning toilets? Whatever the answer is, we are not quite sure we want to know his response.

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The rapper is worth millions which are more than enough to afford top of the line toilets and avoid public restrooms. He could even have a toilet brought to him if he wanted for this amount of money, and yet he is still struggling with flooding toilets.

3 Why Does This Matter?

We can only assume that this rapper is rubbing it in our faces that he is rich enough to afford yellow diamonds, but we can’t be sure. It was quite bizarre and random that he would mention his ownership of canary diamonds, and we hope he is only saying this to try and promote his song.

This isn’t a lyric in the song though, so we wonder if he bought these rare diamonds in honor of it and decided to share that fact with his fans.

2 Why Is This A Sign Of Fear?

A dwelling is a home, but in this context, we almost wonder if he is talking about someone holding onto the past. It is quite confusing to decode as we try to understand what exactly this rapper is trying to say as he sends a warning to a lady friend about her sign of fear.

It would make more sense if we had some context in relation to the tweet, but instead, we are left scratching our heads as we try to decode his bizarre string of words in this sentence.

1 This One Has Us Beyond Confused

The dictionary definition of tricking states that you outwit someone, but there are other definitions related to this word as well. It could mean he is partaking in a new form of acrobatics, hiring prostitutes, or buying gifts for a woman so they will stay with him.

No matter which meaning you choose they are all quite concerning and we want the answer to what will help guys ease their pain.

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