Superheroes are not always the kind of men and women we see on a television screen or in a movie theater. A mother, father, fireman, or even a paramedic can be a hero. However, what we ultimately think about when it comes to heroes are the men and women on the silver or small screen. This is not a bad thing, as many of us grew up on this and it made our childhood awesome!

Whether we grew up with the live action movies or animated television programs, there will always be a little part of ourselves that feel connected to a certain hero. Other times, we find no actual desire to see them ever again. It is an odd sort of mentality it appears. While we often think about superhero actors from Marvel or DC Comics, there are many others who have been part of that world.

Remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers of the 1990’s? How about G.I. Joe or Hogan’s Heroes? The A-Team? Regardless of the era someone might have grown up in and regardless of if their favorite show was animated or live action….there will be a connection. That connection can be strong, but it can also be strained.

In this list, we’re going to break down issues like this along with going over the great actors who we cannot get enough of. Trust us when we tell you, you’ll likely agree with a good bit of this. However, if we miss one of your favorites to love or despite…let us know in the comments below!

20 Jesse Eisenberg Should Not Continue As Lex Luthor

We’re not one to say that Jesse Eisenberg should retire from acting. This is, of course, all about the superhero movie or television material. Jesse has shown some amazing acting abilities in movies like The Social Network and both Now You See Me movies. With that said, it made total sense to assume that Eisenberg would make a perfect casting decision as Lex Luthor. While Zack Snyder did a good job with most of his casting decisions for the DC Movie Universe…the casting of Jesse Eisenberg has been the most questionable both before he was actually in the movie, as well as after he was.

What Jesse would need to bring to the table was his youth, and an ability to play an entitled, annoying dude. That is who Lex is. He is a rich man with a genius level IQ. He uses this intelligence for selfish means, as well as the money he has from his parents, and eventually what he makes on his own. He pushes and pushes Superman as one of his biggest foes, despite the Man of Steel being pretty much invincible. Jesse has yet to prove that he can be the Lex we need him to be. While Jesse has all the potential in the world to be just that…we’ve yet to see it.

19 We’ll Never Get Tired Of Seeing Tom Holland As Spider-Man

Tom Holland is a very talented individual. While he is pretty talented musically, his stage acting ultimately helped him when it came to playing Peter Parker. Tom seemed to fit this character well the moment he started. While Andrew Garfield and Toby McGuire played the part relatively well, it seemed Holland fit this character better than most could. This is important, as Peter Parker as a character is crucial to making Spider-Man what he is. Without someone being able to properly look and act like Peter Parker, it makes the entire production feel less believable.

Holland changed all of this not only because he was a younger man playing the role, but because he could look like, and act like Peter Parker.

From there the Spider-Man role worked well. He seemed to be an instant fit the moment he entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When his own solo movie came about, Holland knocked it out of the park. He does a lot of his own stunts, bringing even more believable nature to the role. And he seems to always do well with the entire MCU cast. It seems he can do no wrong, therefore the fans cannot seem to get enough of the guy.

18 Nicolas Cage Should Stop Playing Ghost Rider For Good

Like the others on this list, it is not that Nicolas Cage is a bad actor that we feel he should step away from the Ghost Rider franchise. The real issue is that he just isn’t good in this part. Cage has been known to make some questionable movie choices over the years. It seems his agent gets a movie thrown in his direction and Cage accepts it no matter the picture. This is often why Cage is in a ton of movies per year. One has to respect the work-ethic.  However, this very well could have led to issues with his performance.

When one works on so many projects, they can lose focus on one or two. Cage often picks random roles that all have different levels to them. Some are comic and some are dramatic. Some are action-driven and some are not. Regardless of which he chooses, it is pretty clear that people see through Cage’s issues. Ultimately, Ghost Rider could move to a more deserving and better actor. A reboot would be simplistic, especially if it is possible to put the character into possibly the Netflix universe. Due to Rider being a Marvel character, it would not be impossible to do this and have a reboot tied into one huge move.

17 We’ll Never Get Tired Of Seeing Jon Bernthal As The Punisher

When the writers of Daredevil on Netflix announced that The Punisher was coming into the universe and would sort of be a side-villain/hero in the series, people were excited. The last time we saw an attempt at the anti-hero, a lot of people felt that it did not deliver. To be honest, it truly didn’t. Jon Bernthal had just come off of some pretty big things, including The Walking Dead. Once he walked into the door as Frank Castle, it seemed like the rest was easy history. He fit the character of Frank Castle in every way. It was as if he was born to play the role.

The acting Jon brought in was simply impressive. Forget the action for a second and just watch the layers he brought to Frank.

Then bring in the action and writing he had to follow. The Punisher was created and Jon got the part to be so beloved that Netflix ordered an entire series just for him. Oh yeah, and that series did HUGE viewership. It’s expected to get a second season and it is pretty clear that Bernthal will be playing this role for years to come. Due to the Marvel Universe connecting to the Netflix one, it could be possible to one day bring The Punisher into the movie world. Though on Netflix he can get away with a lot more.

16 Anson Mount Should Not Continue As Black Bolt

Marvel’s Inhumans comic series is beloved by many fans. When Disney and Marvel Studios decided to bring this team of heroes to television, the idea was well-liked by fans. It made sense to do it, as Disney did not have the X-Men due to FOX owning them at the time. It made sense to bring out the Inhumans, who are all similar to the mutants but without a lot of story connections. It would be completely easy to make this work well. However, the show was critically panned and it never seemed to take off as the studio hoped. While it was not a completely terrible show, it was not good by any means.

The infamous King Black Bolt would be played by Anson Mount. While Mount has proven to be a pretty good actor over the years, Bolt is a complicated character to play. Considering he cannot speak without levelling most of a nearby city…he has to speak or act in this case, with his eyes or body motions. A lot of this takes a clear acting ability that would be tough for pretty much any actor. Let’s be fair here. Mount never seems to connect at any point. Could it be the directing? Writing? Who knows. It just seemed that Mount was doing the over-inflated stage acting ideology without it connecting.

15 We’ll Never Get Tired Of Seeing Margot Robbie As Harley Quinn

Perhaps it was due to a lot of issues with Warner Bros not caring or a lack of a bad overall script. Suicide Squad just did not land well critically. While some liked the film and all agree it had good parts in it, the movie just did not connect. Yet likely the best part of the movie was Margot Robbie as she played the crazy anti-hero known as Harley Quinn. The Harley character is one that has a relatively thick New York accent. She is both smart and absolutely crazy at the same time. She is beautiful and possesses amazing fighting ability.

She is pretty much that crazy ex that you cannot seem to let go of, but you KNOW she could probably take you out. The fans felt that Quinn would likely be played well by Robbie.

Not only was she the right look for the part, she was the right kind of actress in every way. The studio got her and no one was disappointed by her performance. Interestingly, Margot is set to reprise the role in an upcoming movie. As of now, however, we’ll have to wait on it. Though the studio has been pushing a Birds of Prey idea, so we could see a lot more of Margot Robbie. No guy in history ever said no to that.

14 January Jones Should Not As Much As Look In Emma Frost’s Direction

When FOX decided to reboot The X-Men, it made total sense. Everyone agreed that they kind of ruined the mutants with the last film and a reboot could remove the films and create better ones in their place. Due to Marvel Studios controlling the movies, it made sense to assume it could be a good plan. In doing this, it would open up the opportunity to use a lot of older mutant characters in younger versions. On top of this, they could use other major mutants from the comics that they couldn’t use before. Emma Frost was one such major female mutant that the studio was eager to set-up.

Emma Frost is a telepath, very similar to that of Professor X. However, she can turn her body into pure diamond. It is beautiful but costly. While she can be invincible when in this form, and others cannot even read her mind, she cannot use her telepathy either. There were amazing and deep levels to her. Casting January Jones even made sense as she had come off of a good performance in Mad Men for a long period of time. However, Jones could not bring Emma to life like fans had hoped. The plan originally was to have Frost used more in upcoming projects. Sadly, Jones ruined all of this. The hope is that someone can properly play Emma in the future, as she is one heck of an amazing mutant.

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13 We’ll Never Get Tired Of Seeing Grant Gustin As The Flash

When The CW managed to destroy with Arrow, they realized they could create a mini-universe around the show. That meant bringing The Flash to television. It made sense for it to be Flash as well, as only Batman has a bigger Rogues Gallery than the fastest man alive. The Dark Knight’s roster of big bads likely includes the greatest villains in history, but Flash contains more than one would assume. That said, they had a while to figure out who was next each and every year. Grant Gustin came in and did amazing in the role, and truly fit the Barry Allen side of the character as much as Flash.

Gustin is multi-talented and proved to be an amazing singer and dancer when working on Glee years ago. The show has had him do this off and on, once when proposing to his then-girlfriend Iris West.

We’re still needing tissues for that beautiful moment. Grant makes you care about both Barry AND Flash like they are two separate people despite that being untrue. He has made us enjoy watching him as the speedster, and many believe that Gustin has a much brighter future beyond Flash eventually. As of now, we as superhero fans are selfishly wanting him to never leave as The Flash.

12 Halle Berry Should Not Play Storm/Catwoman Ever Again

It’s an interesting turn with Halle Berry. She is an amazing actress who has been nominated for several awards and has even won an Academy Award in her time! That said, there’s a clear indication that she can act. When X-Men first came to the live-action world, casting Berry was a huge get for the studio. While they would cast other amazing names we now know and love, Berry was a big name from Hollywood that FOX grabbed and hoped would draw interest in the product. She did just that, but her performance left a lot to be desired.

Likely the biggest complaint was with her African accent, as Storm is a character that comes from Africa. It would disappear and reappear off and on through the movies. This was even more present when young Storm came into the picture in X-Men: Apocalypse. The amazing Alexandra Shipp brought the official African accent into play and kept it through the movie without one slip-up. She isn’t from Africa either, but it seemed she was willing to be professional about the role, unlike Berry. Many were raving about Shipp’s performance after, which could spell the end to Halle’s work in the role. That said, we don’t need to discuss Catwoman do we? Seriously, do we? That’s what we thought.

11 We’ll Never Get Tired Of Seeing Patrick Stewart As Professor X

Patrick Stewart is a living legend. He would make his real official mark in geek culture years ago on the television show Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as the movies regarding the same role. Yet he knocked it out of the park when playing Charles Xavier or Professor X as well. Stewart was the perfect casting choice. While the bald nature was already an easy thing to go with, Patrick was also known for years as an amazing actor. Critically speaking, Stewart was going to bring absolutely amazing performance ability to the Professor.

The studio got exactly what they paid him for, as Stewart delivered from day one. While no one can expect Stewart to carry a movie, many felt he may have to early on. Luckily most of the actors and actresses were amazing too.

Professor X stood out despite this, as Patrick showed his amazing work and became a superhero legend as a result. While it is pretty clear that James McAvoy is an amazing actor that plays Professor X well too…he won’t go down in history as the end-all version. That will always be Patrick Stewart. When someone delivers the way Stewart did, especially after the movie Logan….I mean it’s impossible to not love the man.

10 David Thewlis Should No Longer Play Ares 

Obviously, the Wonder Woman movie took off a year ago and was thought to be one of the best superhero movies ever. To be fair, this is not far from the truth. It was terrific, but it contained one glaring issue that most people will point to as likely the only problem with the movie. As weird as it might seem to say it, David Thewlis was a disappointment as Ares. It was a great swerve to have him become the God of War, as we expected someone else to be this throughout the movie. David came to the movie playing one main role, Sir Patrick Morgan. This role was one that possessed a lot of complexity as it would require him to be a lead figure in the English territory during the height of a World War.

However, the surprise of Morgan being revealed as Ares the entire time was one that many did not see coming. While the swerve was great, and David did well in playing Patrick, the character of Ares left a lot to be desired. Was it completely the fault of Thewlis? Not completely, as it CGI was pretty big for it. Though his facial features and overall acting upon becoming Ares was a bit too weird to deal with. The theory is that the universe was planning on being done with Ares anyway. However, if David would have been better…Ares likely would have been used down the line again at some point.

9 We Will Never Get Tired With Caity Lotz As White Canary

Caity Lotz first hit the homes of the world when she began playing the Black Canary in the hit CW show, Arrow. The decision to bring Sarah Lance back to life after writing about her passing the first season was clearly huge. However, in making this move the real thing to wonder about was how far the character might go. She has been taken out and brought back to life many times, and Lotz has continued to make the Canary character mean something. She was such a hit on Arrow that when the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow show was brought to the network, she was one of their first calls to play in the main cast.

Today, she is the Captain of the Waverider. This was the same ship that Rip Hunter Captained for some time.

The CW has put Caity at the center of the show due to the fact that she has been one of the most beloved from the entire CW Arrowverse. She brings an added level to the show that makes her stand out among the sea of heroes that flock to the program. At the same time, she blends well with the cast in any way they use her. She can easily step out of Legends and be added back to Arrow or Flash and steal scenes with her amazing work. Fans cannot ever get enough of her. Why do you think they have to keep bringing her back to life?!?

8 Finn Jones Should Not Continue As Iron Fist

We’re not going to be as hard on Finn Jones as we likely could be, considering Iron Fist had issues from the start. For those unaware, the story surrounds Danny Rand who is the son of a very rich father who develops a massive company. The Rand family are on a plane when it crashes randomly. It seemed like something crazy, but no one could know what went down. Danny’s parents both pass, but he survives. A mysterious group of men from K’un L’un takes him in. The rub? The land of K’un L’un closes itself to the rest of the world for years at a time. This meant Danny could not go back home for years.

The Iron Fist developed for Danny when he was there, as he would be taught to be the end of The Hand. Finn Jones has to enter this world and play a kid learning to cope with the adult world he is now within. He cannot just show up and be believed to be Danny Rand, the heir to Rand Industries. The issue with Jones is that he played what was written for him, but often missed the mark on a number of things. Jones was mostly a victim of the writing he was given as Danny Rand/Iron Fist. However, there were issues he could have changed up, such as some acting in different spots. Ultimately, this led to hatred for his character. If the writing gets better, perhaps Jones does too. We shall see.

7 We Will Never Get Tired Of Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool

When Ryan Reynolds first began to play Wade Wilson, it was in the infamously hated Wolverine solo movie. It seemed that X-Men just could not succeed in movie form for a while. Wilson was originally played well in the movie, but by the end, they totally messed up the character. When the Days of Futures Past reboot to the X-Men series happened, this allowed the studio to bring Deadpool in and have a real origin. Ryan Reynolds pushed for this for years due to his absolute love of the character. The sad part was that it took forever.

One leaked bit of footage to the internet later, and now Deadpool is headed into its second solo movie project. Reynolds did an amazing job with the origin and many are excited to see him cross over into other Marvel films in the future.

Reynolds was not able to deliver with Green Lantern, as he was given a bad script to work with. With Deadpool though, he has been hands-on for the project and has made sure to never run into issues he ran into with that green DC fellow. Reynolds has been committed to the role and has made it his priority. It seems he’ll never give up the role to someone else, and no one ever wants to see him NOT play the Merc with a Mouth.

6 Taylor Kitsch Should Never Play Gambit Again

To be fair to Taylor, he has gotten some unlucky breaks in Hollywood. He had a few big major productions and they turned out to be kind of bad. With the reset to the X-Men universe, the movie Taylor appears in is no longer valid to the world. This means that another person will one day play Gambit. However, we want to make sure people know why another person has to come in to play this role. So why is it so important that we do not bring Kitsch back to reprise the role? It’s simple, he was terrible in it. We don’t mean he was terrible with the powers he had, as the post-production was fine.

However, the accent Gambit is known for was not really there all the time. For those unaware, Gambit has a Louisiana Cajun accent. No, that isn’t a southern accent. A cajun accent. Taylor was a well-liked guy who fit the part in many ways, but this area of the part was a noticeable challenge for him. He went with a typical southern accent with small cajun attempts and it simply could not work. He looked the part, but at the same time the part overall lacked so much that made Gambit who he is. While writing is partly to blame for this, as the movie was horrible. Taylor is to blame for the bad parts that he could have easily controlled.

5 We’ll Never Get Tired Of Seeing Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman

When Gal Gadot first saw a major production in the United States, it was with the Fast and the Furious franchise. She was getting other jobs here and there, but outside of these movies, her roles were minimal. She would try out for Wonder Woman, where she would be looked at among a sea of amazing actresses. The role is iconic and playing that hero will forever define her as an actress and who she is in pop culture for decades. She did not seem to fit the part due to how people knew Diana from the comic books. On top of how she looked in the television show from years ago as well.

Yet Gadot added a lot of muscle to play the role and made sure to smarten up on the character from top to bottom.

She knows it as much as most comic nerds might, which means she can easily add things in on her own. Gal looks the part and has seemingly become Wonder Woman in real life often. She has been a happy addition to the DC movie universe, which before her, has shown some issues over the years. Having Gadot there to be an amazing addition to things, and fit as the iconic Diana Prince has been a good thing to see. She will forever be this generation’s Wonder Woman. We’ll never tire of that.

4 Sigourney Weaver Should Never Play Alexandra Reid Again

We’d like to point out here and now that we would never want to see Sigourney Weaver retire from acting. However, when it comes to acting in superhero franchises…we’d like to make sure it comes to an end. She took part in a very big idea for Marvel Studios through the Netflix canon. All of the Netflix shows came together, the Marvel ones at least, to make a team that would go up against the infamous Marvel ground known as The Hand. The show would be called The Defenders. While it was not technically a failure by any means, it did not do as well as Marvel or Netflix had hoped critically.

One of the main reasons for that likely could be Weaver, who played a part that was crucial to the storyline but was overall terrible. Obviously, she would show us some amazing stuff here and there. But the overall work she brought to the table was below her superstar status, which was quite disappointing. Sigourney has been known for her major work in movies like Alien. Yet she has taken small parts that became pretty memorable, like her role in Holes. At the end of the day, she could have carved out a role for life in this series…yet now people just want to see her go and get the next Avatar out of the way.

3 We’ll Never Get Tired Of Seeing Jason David Frank As Tommy Oliver

Jason David Frank is better known as Tommy Oliver by most these days. He has played a Power Ranger of some kind for the better part of 20 years now. Today, the Power Rangers are in comic books and the Tommy character is back to playing the villainous role he came to the series with. However, Jason has played the live action role quite well. He first came to the series under Rita Repulsa’s control in the Green Ranger. He would eventually gain control and remain the Green Ranger for the series for a little while. He would ultimately land on the White Ranger role and Red Ranger role.

Eventually, the Tommy character would become retired when the Power Rangers headed to Space and the future.

There were many versions, in case there were questions there. Tommy would come back, this time as a teacher of sorts and he’d join the younger Power Rangers as the Black Ranger.

Tommy has come in and out since on the series. He has played different Rangers, depending on what the storyline called for. Though he is mostly used as a former Red Ranger. Fans of the series absolutely love him, and there will never be a time we don’t want to see him suit up in one of those uniforms again. Never!

2 The Cast Of Fantastic Four Should Never Play Them Again

While the original movies had some useful material in them, there was always something that seemed odd with them. Jessica Alba did not fit as Sue Storm, and there were holes with so many others. While there were happy additions like Silver Surfer to help, it did not do much good for the overall product. When the reboot occurred, the entire vision of who the Fantastic Four were just completely gone. The rebooted movie did terrible review wise, from even those who had never seen the original. The main actors for it were not terrible by any means. Kate Mara, Miles Teller, Michael B, Jordan, and Jamie Bell are all very good performers who have proven this in other work they have done.

The idea of how they presented the completely off-comic storyline was bad enough. However, the overall age change made no sense either. Going into the movie, there were glaring holes that every fan knew could become an issue. People gave it a chance, however. They simply could not deliver. While the writing was likely the worst part, it seemed no one ever really understood the character they played. Mainly because they were wrong for the role from the start.

1 We’ll Never Get Tired Of Seeing Hugh Jackman As Wolverine

When the original X-Men movies came to the big screen, FOX decided to hire a little known Australian actor named Hugh Jackman to play Wolverine. He was amazing in the movie and continued to be a huge part of the series. Jackman does not actually make sense for the role if we go comic book on it. Wolverine is short and has a bit of a mighty mouse body. Hugh is shaped pretty normal and stands over 6 foot tall. However, Jackman was so good in the role that the issues surrounding the comic version were completely forgotten about. He fit the intensity and every major part that made Wolverine who he was.

Jackman would be the one only original X-Men star to never be recast in the new series of movies. This is mostly due to Hugh being part of other major movies outside of the X-Men ones.

However, after Logan wrapped he claimed that this was the swan song of his Wolverine. Interestingly, Disney made a deal with FOX to buy their studio, which includes the X-Men. When asked what would ever bring him back to play Wolverine, Jackman claimed it would only be to play the role in the MCU. He likely thought it would never go down. Now that he could very well do so, it’ll be interesting to see if Jackman returns. Fans are surely not going to complain if he does.

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