Who’s Tom Cruise’s new love interest? Allegedly, it’s none other than the lovely British actress, Vanessa Kirby. The Crown star is apparently Tom’s new object of desire, who hasn’t had another public relationship since the divorce from his third wife, the beautiful actress Katie Holmes.

Always the epitome of class and masculinity, Tom Cruise has once again demonstrated the power of his undying charm. The cherished Hollywood star must have played his cards so well that he made Vanessa Kirby let her guard down too early. The charming blonde, who’s almost half his age, has allegedly caught Tom’s eye with her excellent acting skills. The two first met on the set of the Mission Impossible 6.

The lovely actress, who is best known for her role as Princess Margaret in The Crown, won him over with her charismatic presence and unlimited energy. In the respected historical drama, Kirby portrayed the character of Margaret, who’s the sister of Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy). So, it turns out that Tom was so profoundly impressed by her performance that he had to have her in the production. The 54-year-old star, who will once again reprise his fantastic role of Ethan Hunt, sits on the directorial bench of the forthcoming sequel. The chemistry between them was so intense that it soon spilled over into real life. Want to know more about Tom’s rumored girlfriend? Scroll down the page for more curious details!

15 Vanessa Is Almost Half His Age

The Crown star Vanessa Kirby put on such a mesmerizing performance in the historical drama that she was honored with a nomination for “Best Supporting Actress”. Although she’s best known for her stage work, the actress was dubbed “an outstanding actress, capable of the most unexpected choices.” It also goes without saying that Kirby is a naturally beautiful lady whose gifted personality is hard to miss.

It’s believed that Tom Cruise was blown away by Kirby’s undeniable charm and energy on set. Even though there’s a 24-year age gap between them, they seem to be doing pretty well. According to an insider, Tom Cruise already wants to take their affair to the next level. Does this mean that he wants her to be his new Mrs. Cruise? Well, maybe!

14 They Had Instant Chemistry On The Set Of Mission Impossible 6

Born on 18 April 1988, Vanessa Kirby is an English actress, best known for her excellent performance in Great Expectations, an acclaimed film adaptation produced by BBC. A few years later, Vanessa appeared in About Time, which served her as a platform to show off her spectacular acting skills. In 2016, Kirby was fortunate enough to land a huge role in the Netflix series The Crown, which eventually helped her get noticed by Tom Cruise as well.

Tom was so deeply enchanted by Vanessa that she was cast in the new Mission Impossible 6. Alsothey had such intense chemistry on set that their rumored romance is probably the fruit of their “productive work.”

13 Tom Cruise Was An Easy Target: He Fell For Vanessa Too Quickly

Well, we can’t really blame him, can we? Now that you know what his new rumored lady looks like, it’s no longer a mystery why he fell for her. Vanessa Kirby, who grew up in Wimbledon, might have finally found her dream guy. As one of Hollywood’s most charming actors, Tom is the ultimate image of what the perfect guy should look like.

Obviously, Kirby couldn’t resist his charm either. The 29-year-old actress gained Hollywood’s attention with her fantastic impersonation of Margaret and her miserable love stories. Previously, Kirby has also demonstrated her skills in other movies, so let’s just say that her CV is quite impressive. No wonder why Tom Cruise chose her to be his co-star in the next Mission Impossible. After all, Vanessa is one hell of an actress that’s beautiful, talented and quite charismatic.

12 Vanessa And Princess Margaret May Share Some Similarities

Vanessa and Princess Margaret may actually share more similarities than differences. Many believe that Margaret offers a rebellious personality, which is quite odd given her royal status. Vanessa’s heroine is also a bit snobbish: she doesn’t let people define her, and that’s something we see in Vanessa’s temper as well. During a recent interview with The Telegraph, Vanessa Kirby revealed her infatuation with Margaret and her constant efforts to defy such norms.

“The Royal family have this public presentation of who they are. I fell in love with Margaret because she was constantly trying to defy that.”

The gorgeous blonde also talked about the colorful houndstooth suit she wore inside a Beverly Hills hotel room. “I thought it was suitably Margaret,” she smiled.

11 Vanessa Kirby May Become His [Fourth] Wife

They haven’t confirmed any dating rumors yet, but there’s already enough proof of their hot romance. The rumored celeb pair appeared to be on cloud nine as they went in for a smooch on the set of Mission Impossible 6. The Hollywood hunk Tom Cruise, who’s been previously associated with lots of gorgeous actresses, puckered up with the gorgeous British actress as the cameras kept on rolling. Although the new movie is overflowing with action-packed scenes, the couple was snapped giggling in between takes of the film. As they filmed each scene on the streets of Paris, Tom and Vanessa were spotted leaning in for a smooch. Well, after all, it’s the city of love, it must’ve had quite the effect on them as well. The Crown actress and the Hollywood hunk giggled the day away as they waited on set for the next scenes to set up.

10 Ironically, Vanessa Was Turned Down By Bristol Old Vic Theater School

Vanessa Kirby is a fabulous British actress who sure has a lot to give to the movie industry. Although she was once turned down by Bristol Old Vic Theater School, Vanessa didn’t give up on her dream to become a household name one day. She did fail at the time, but Kirby didn’t cry her eyes out because of a little failure along the way. Instead of losing motivation, she kept her chin up and continued learning more about the movie industry and its challenges.

When you think of her now, Vanessa has certainly changed a lot since her teen years. She might have been turned down by Bristol Old Vic Theater, but this painful story is already behind her back. Today Vanessa Kirby a gorgeous woman whose natural beauty and charm is equally appreciated by Tom Cruise is all.

9 Vanessa Is Such An Amusing Woman: Can She Outshine Tom’s exes?

She sure has the potential to outshine all of Tom’s exes, starting with Mimi Rogers.  Previously, Tom Cruise was married three times to wonderful women, all of whom are incredibly elegant and classy. Sadly though, Tom Cruise is obviously a strange bird that isn’t easily impressed by women. Before they met on the set of Mission Impossible 6, Tom Cruise was still associated with his ex-wife Katie Holmes. Everyone was curious whether their marriage was over for good until Vanessa Kirby appeared in the picture.

Although neither she nor Cruise has ever confirmed their rumored romance, it’s clear that they enjoy each other’s company. Besides, the actor’s portrayal of Ethan Hunt has always appealed to the ladies. So, yes, the British actress could be Tom’s new object of desire.

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8 Vanessa And Tom’s Romance Is Still Shrouded In Mystery

Tom Cruise may be a huge celebrity, but he still is a pretty average guy. Of course, he’s a famous man, and he’s probably in the dreams of many women, but he still needs to know a few tricks with the ladies. Now that their romance is a hot topic, we can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen next.

They might have had such an incredible time while filming Mission Impossible: Fallout, but their fans really need answers ASAP. What’s really going on behind the scenes? It is a fling, a short-lived romance or a passionate relationship? Well, it sure is a matter of time before either of them decides to unveil the mystery. Hopefully, it won’t take them a year to realize that their fans need some answers.

7 Vanessa And J. Harris Are Close Buddies

Vanessa Kirby and Jared Harris are the royal family members who certainly had a lot to share when asked about their professional relationship. By the look of things, Vanessa and her co-star appear to be close buddies, which is quite understandable. After all, Vanessa is a charming blonde that attracts lots of guys like bees to honey. Besides, Vanessa and Jared had to work long hours on the set of The Crown, chronicling the unwavering reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Also, they understand the burden of fame so they know what they’re up against. Indeed, Vanessa and Harris are now close friends who understand and support each other. Also, Vanessa and Jared attended the show’s premiere in London where they discussed how they got into the head of their characters.

6 She Wishes She Could Get Drunk With Her Character

Why would she want to get drunk with Princess Margaret? Well, that’s food for thought. Get ready because Vanessa’s answer will really catch you off guard. The charming blonde plays the hot-tempered sister of the Queen, so Kirby might have grown quite fond of her. It turns out that Vanessa digs Princess Margaret so much that she wishes she could have a drink with her. Although it seems pretty strange, Kirby apparently “wants to party and have fun with Princess Margaret. ” Worse still, she’d love to hang out with her and go to a dark jazz club where they can dance the night away. Who could’ve guessed that Vanessa was such a party girl that loves to spend the night away at jazz clubs? “She’d be really fun,” says Kirby, sipping on a refreshing drink post-shoot.

5 “Tom Flipped For Her Work And Professionalism”

It’s true –  Tom Cruise flipped for Vanessa’s work and creative approaches to her character. Tom’s new rumored lady dived into research after being cast as the hot-tempered princess. Although we’re talking about royalty here, Margaret doesn’t shy away from the late night parties; actually, she’s more like the life of the party. There are lots of stories about her that are both ridiculous and shocking. Perhaps this could explain why the tv series caught the world’s (and Tom’s ) attention.

Maybe this was also why Kirby was cast in the Mission: Impossible 6. Speaking of the production, Kirby allegedly watched all five previous installments – shockingly admitting “Yeah, it did fry my mind.” When Vanessa sat down for a quick chat with GQ, she was practically on hiatus: the mega-hit production was on hold after Tom had the bad luck to break his foot on set. Here’s what she said about it:

“I ate loads that day,” she admits. “And I got very drunk.” Margaret would totally approve of it”.  Now it’s getting clear why Tom Cruise loves to be around her: Vanessa’s not only pretty but quite amusing as well.

4 “She Put A Spell On Him”

According to Telegraph.co.uk, Tom Cruise was so enchanted by Vanessa that he had to have her in the next Mission Impossible movie. The Crown star is thought to be “‘born to play this role”. But outside of the film, their rumored romance didn’t go unnoticed by the fans. Although there’s still no word coming from Tom Cruise, he shared a captionless picture of Vanessa Kirby – and it says enough about his infatuation with her. No wonder the world has gone crazy ever since. Maybe, Tom Cruise loves playing games with his fans even though he knows it’s not the most brilliant idea.

“They had instant chemistry, and of course she got the role,” the insider added “He’s enchanted by her endless charm and energy. He thinks she can be his next wife.”

3 Kirby Gets Annoyed By The Tabloids

This girl is apparently quite the character. The lovely British star may be a famous actress, but she’s obviously not that impressed by the tabloids. What’s even more, it was reported by Bustle.com that Kirby is not at all interested in reading the tabloids headlines.

Even as a kid, Vanessa Kirby disliked the whole idea of catching up on any tabloid news. Today she’s a recognized actress, but her attitude hasn’t changed much since her teen years. For example, her role as Princess Margaret was like a golden chance for her to learn more about the monarchy. The production shows Margaret’s frivolous personality which somehow matches Vanessa’s temper. But much to our surprise, Vanessa approves of her heroine’s sassy attitude and thoughtless behavior. So, if you must compare Kirby to Princess Margaret, you’ll probably find more similarities than differences. Besides, Kirby once said that she loves to party and so does Princess Margaret.

2 Vanessa Couldn’t Care Less For Her Untidy Dressing Room

Not long ago the beautiful actress admitted that her dressing room is often quite messy and untidy. And believe it or not, her co-stars aren’t much impressed by that either. Vanessa also shared another ridiculous story where she accidentally gave one of her co-stars a black eye. Apparently, Vanessa was rushing onto the stage, but she forgot that she had to open a curtain for her co-star. A second later, Kirby whacks the woman’s head pretty hard against a pillar. But luckily for that lady, she played drunk in that scene, so it wasn’t a huge problem. Whether her romance with Tom is serious or not, it’s clear that Kirby is one dangerous lady. Here’s what she remembers about this tiny incident.

“I’m so relaxed and don’t stress about things, I just didn’t really notice it was out of control.” She was slurring way more. Throughout the whole scene, I was saying sorry to her with my eyes.”

1 Vanessa Is The Life Of Any Party

Vanessa Kirby, the 29-year-old star, is a wild party girl as she once said that she wishes she could “get drunk with Princess Margaret”. Much like her, Vanessa also has a reputation for being a ball of energy and the life of the party. Whenever she talks about her noble character, her words start tumbling over one another as she analyzes Margaret’s behavior and that of her sister, Queen Elizabeth II. The Crown actress, Vanessa Kirby, also sat down for a quick chat with GQ as she talked about Tom Cruise, and why she adores Princess Margaret. Although Vanessa Kirby isn’t exactly the most talkative person, she didn’t forget to hint about her excitement about the new movie sequel. Luckily for its fans, the sixth movie in the franchise will be released on July 27, 2018.

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