In 1964, Natalia “Natasha” Alianovna Romanova was first issued in the Tales of Suspense #52 comic book. She was created by Stan Lee, Don Rico and Don Heck. Natasha was a Russian Spy going against Iron Man. Natasha was the greatest spy the KGB had until she switched sides and became an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Natasha Romanoff lived with 26 other young females in an organization called Department X. The young girls were trained espionage and combat in a place called the Red Room. Here is where the Soviets conducted a chemical test on the females that caused them to age slower and made them infertile.

We have seen a lot of different relationships with Black Widow and different Marvel Characters throughout the years. Between the comic books and the movies. Avengers: Infinity War is promised to be the most action packed with so many characters coming full circle. By this time, we have already seen at least one trailer of the movie, which hits theaters April 27th, 2018 in the UK and May 4th, 2018 in the United States. So many questions and teasers have hit us from these trailers. Some are: What will the reunion of Hulk and Black Widow be like? What is up with that blonde hair? What have she and Cap been doing for two years? The following list includes 15 things we hope to see answered in the Avengers: Infinity War movie.

15 Black Widow & The Hulk Reunite

Avengers: Infinity War will have a lot of action due to all the heroes in the story line. One reunion some are excited to see is of Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner. Natasha and Bruce experienced a steamy kiss before Natasha betrayed Bruce in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Natasha viewed her motives good because she needed Hulk to help in the battle. After Ultron was defeated, Hulk left for space where his story continued in Thor: Ragnarok.

Nerdist was able to interview Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk) while on the set of Avengers: Infinity War. When asked about the relationship between the two characters, this is what he said: “They’re star-crossed lovers. So, it’ll be something they’re dealing with for the rest of their living days, I think. Whether it’s requited or unrequited. I don’t imagine that’s gonna go away anytime soon in one iteration or another.”

14 Captain America & Black Widow’s Friendship

Avenger’s: Infinity War, will have us meeting a new version of Captain America and Black Widow. Their physical appearances may come as a shock at first: Black Widow will not have her red hair but will now have blonde hair. The Captain will now have a beard.

So what have they been doing since we last seen them to cause this kind of change? They have been going on their own covert missions.

Scarlet Johansson stated in an interview with i09. “They’ve kind of been flying under the radar but still taking care of business in the way they know how to do. I think when you’re sort of fighting for something that you know is important, but is not being really recognized or supported by a larger organization or even like, society as a whole, I think it takes a certain toll, and you can get feelings about it in a way. So that’s kind of where we find them.”

13 Black Widow & Bucky Barnes Remembering Their Past

Natasha Romanoff lived with 26 other young females in an organization called Department X. The young girls were trained in espionage and combat in a place called the Red Room. Here is where the Soviets conducted a chemical test on the females that caused them to age slower and also made them infertile. This was also where The Winter Soldier trained her himself. At this time, she only knew him as James. The two of them fell in love while they had been training for a while. Natasha was engaged to a pilot at the time, but that was not what would stop them from being together. James was actually in cryostasis between missions to stop aging. This however, is all in the comic books. The movies have yet to go in depth in this story.

As we know in Captain America: Winter Soldier, Bucky never remembered meeting Natasha, but in the comics, he regains his memories and their relationship helps both characters get through some hard obstacles. One can only hope that in Avenger’s: Infinity War we see this relationship develop.

12 What Has Black Widow Been Doing The Last Two Years?

Due to the Sokovia Accords, Captain America and Black Widow have been teaming up under the radar. In an interview with Scarlett Johansson with Cinema Blend, she has talked about the 2 year period:

“Between the events of Civil War and now, Steve and Natasha have been together. That’s how we imagine it. And they’ve kind of been… they’ve been, sort of, flying under the radar but still taking care of business in the way that they know how to do and I think when we find them in this film…as it was explained to us by Joe and Anthony Russo, they’re just a well-oiled machine. They, sort of, have a seamless communication between them. But they’re more hardened, I think. I think when you are working underground for such a long time and you don’t, not that they need to have any sort of back padding or recognition exactly, but I think that when you’re fighting for something that you know is important but is not being really recognized or supported by a larger organization, or even society as a whole, I think that takes a sort of toll on you. I think you get feelings about it anyway so it’s kind of where we find them.”

11 What Does Her Green Outfit Mean?

There are a few possible explanations for Black Widow’s new outfit. (None of them are so she can match with the Hulk!) One reason could be a callback to the 1964 issue Tales of Suspense #52. In this issue, Black Widow rocked a green dress with a hat, veil, and a fur vest. Another possibility is that Tony Stark makes her a new outfit with stealth technology or some form of helpful gear.

Was the Black Suit always Black Widows outfit? No, it actually wasn’t. When we first met Natasha, she blended in as well as she could. She would wear clothes that people would wear walking down the street. Think of the female spies like in the James Bond movies. She started to wear a masquerade mask to hide her identity. She also had a small cape that was held on by a brooch with the little B on it. Under that cape was a tight black dress.

In the 1970 issue of Amazing Spider-man #86, her outfit was changed to her iconic black bodysuit. Made by a special fabric, it would protect her from extreme temperatures and small-arms fire. Suction cups were also added to help her climb surfaces. She added a yellow belt that included hidden weapons and her bracelets.

10 Black Widow Fighting Against The Black Order

We have already seen Black Widow fighting against the Black Order in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer. One of the members of the Order is wielding a spear while Black Widow fights with her own staff. In a voice-over, Black Widow warns the Black Order, “We don’t wanna kill you…but we will.” This one statement goes to show how far the Avengers are willing to go to protect Earth.

Now, if you do not know what the Black Order is, they were created by Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opena, and Jim Cheung. They were introduced in New Avengers Vol 3 Issue #8. Thanos gathered a group of lethal aliens to assist him to force other worlds to pay tribute to Thanos. The group is made up of Black Dwarf, Black Swan, Corvus Glaive (Thanos’ right hand man), Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, and Supergiant. Corvus Glaive sent out the Outriders in search of a new planet, where they found Earth.

9 Will Black Widow Have A Fun training Scene With One Of The Ladies From Wakanda?

In an article by MCU Exchange on June 8th, 2017, they reported that the actor who plays as the future King of Wakanda (Chadwick Boseman) posted an Instagram video of chairs that included names, such as Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and himself. This shows that they could be sharing the stage on the Avengers: Infinity War movie. Some other supporting characters include Shuri and M’Baku.

The reason a lot of people are surprised to see Black Widow anywhere near Wakanda is because in Captain America: Civil War, Black Widow and T’Challa and Dora Milaje did not end things on good terms. We know that T’Challa gives asylum to the Captain and Bucky, we can only hope that is the same for Black Widow as well! With the Wakandan army going against Thanos’ Black Order, every alley will help.

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8 Black Widow & Hawkeye’s Friendship

Director of S.H.I.E.L.D Nick Fury found the world’s greatest archer, Clint Barton (who we now know as Hawkeye). Fury was impressed with his streak of never missing. His first mission was to eliminate a young Russian assassin, Black Widow. Barton was unable to take her down, and instead invited her to S.H.I.E.L.D where they started a partnership codenamed: Strike Team Delta.

Before Captain America: Civil War, Black Widow and Hawkeye were good friends. However, Captain America: Civil War happened and it put them on two different sides. Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Black Widow supported the idea that the government should be able to regulate over the Avengers. Steve Rogers (Captain America), Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and the Winter Soldier all opposed it. In one scene during Captain America: Civil War this conversation happened:

“We’re still friends, right?” Black Widow asks Hawkeye.

“Depends on how hard you hit me,” Hawkeye replies.

Did she hit him too hard? It has been two years since they have seen each other, so will this friendship be able to survive?

7 Black Widow Explains What Happened To Nick Fury

Nicholas Joseph Fury, is the former Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. He has made appearances in several Marvel movies, including a Marvel show.

If you watch the TV Series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division) then you know that Fury was attacked and presumed dead. He only allowed a few people to know that he was still alive. Fury then went undercover after the Attack on the Triskelion. The reason for this was so he could figure out who was working for HYDRA on his team. He helped Phil Coulson and his team defeat John Garrett (both of who Fury trained when they joined S.H.I.E.L.D, however Garrett was working for Hydra!). Fury promoted Coulson as the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fury then assisted the Avengers beat Ultron and assisted them build the New Avengers Facility.

This would be interesting to see in the movie because we already know that he has been helping the Avengers out several times even though we thought he was dead. If Marvel could connect their show to their films, that would be amazing.

6 Will We Find Out What Happened In Budapest?

So, a little reminder, Budapest is the capital and the largest city in Hungary. We do not know much about what happened in Budapest between Black Widow and Hawkeye. We get a little tease about it in a movie:

“Just like Budapest, all over again.” Black Widow states.

“You and I remember Budapest very differently.” Hawkeye responds.

According to an article from Marvel Cinematic Universe, Clint Barton (Hawkeye) and Natasha Romanoff accepted a mission to Budapest. During the Battle of New York, something reminded Natasha of a situation that occurred at Budapest. The quote above was all we were teased with. We also know that Alexander Pierce threatened to reveal what she did there, if she put S.H.I.E.L.D’s exploits on the internet.

If they included this in the movie, not only will it answer our question, but it could lead to more questions. Did Black Widow do something bad to complete the mission? Did this change the view Hawkeye had of Black Widow back then or did it make them closer? And of course, how did Pierce find out?

5 Black Widow & Iron Man Reunite

Black Widow and Iron Man’s relationship has always been filled with drama. It starts off in Iron Man 2 after Tony Stark (Iron Man) announces he is actually Iron Man. Director Nick Fury (S.H.I.E.L.D), sends Natasha undercover as Tony Stark’s assistant. His reasoning behind this was so S.H.I.E.L.D could monitor him. Stark was then talked into joining the Avengers by Natasha.

In the first few Marvel movies, they really expanded Black Widow’s relationships with Captain America and Hawkeye. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner built the Artificial Intelligence Ultron. The team reformed and defeated Ultron. However, in Captain America: Civil War, Black Widow went on the same side as Iron Man, the opposite of her friends. Tony Stark believed that they needed to have the Government regulate the Avengers, which was thought by a number of countries, leading them to create the Sokovia Accords. Natasha betrayed the side she was on, assisting Captain America and Bucky to escape Iron Man and Black Panther’s capture. Iron Man then stated she was another name on General Ross’s hit list.

4 Will Black Widow Further Respond To The Sokovia Accords?

Legal documents that regulate activities of enhanced individuals, especially ones that work for Government Agencies (Example S.H.I.E.L.D.) or private organizations (Example The Avengers). The United Nations made the Accords. 117 Nations ratified the Sokovia Accords. What caused the UN to get involved? An attack in 2016 at Lagos Nigeria had caused major devastation. One month after this “Public Relations Disaster” Thaddeus Ross (Secretary of State by President Matthew Ellis recently), informed the Avengers that the public was divided viewing them as a hero or as dangerous vigilantes.

This is where our heroes divide. Black Widow Joins Iron Man as he fights against Captain America and his team who disagree with the Accords. Black Widow understood both sides and ended up betraying Iron Man’s team and helping Captain America and Bucky escape.

After two years of being under cover and hiding, will Black Widow change her mind again and be on the side of the Accords?

3 Will Black Widow Face Loki Again?

Okay, so last time with Loki, Good Guys won and Loki was defeated. How did this happen?

Loki declared war on Earth and Clint Barton (Hawkeye) was kidnapped. Natasha was recruited for the Avengers to help find Clint. She was able to recruit Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Bruce Banner (The Hulk). They all tracked and attempted to catch Loki. They did save Clint.

While Loki is in prison, Black Widow pretends to be feeling insecure and manages to get Loki to boast about his plan to have Bruce Banner turn into the Hulk. The Hulk would fracture the Avengers and scatter them in the wind. As fast as a speeding bullet, Black Widow was back to her calm and cool-headed demeanour thanking Loki for his information.

Black Widow also figures out how to use Loki’s Scepter during the Battle of New York. She was able to figure out that it was the portals’ fail safe. Black Widow uses the Scepter to close the portal, saving the day.

Will she have to use her spy mind again to manipulate him to defeat him? Or has Loki learned his lesson?

2 Will Black Widow Make Sacrifices?

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we find Black Widow sacrificing her own secret past after Black Widow chose to place all of Hydra’s secrets on the internet. Alexander Pierce warned her that if she let out their secrets, it would expose her as well.

So far, the biggest sacrifice she has made was giving up a chance with Bruce Banner. He was ready for the two of them to run away together. They share a kiss and then Black Widow pushes Bruce off a cliff making the Hulk come out. She tells him to go be a hero. She later tries to call him on the quinjet so she could turn him back into Bruce Banner with her lullaby, but sadly he refused to answer.

Will Black Widow be willing to sacrifice herself to clear the red in her ledger?

1 Will Black Widow survive

“There is going to be a Black Widow movie, so she is so safe.” One friend said to me during our normal geek session. This is where I was able to tell her she was so wrong. Although I would love to see Black Widow and the Hulk running away together, living happily ever after, the truth is, there is still a major chance she could be written off. Fans are worried that some of the original Avengers will die, and Black Widow is one of them.

The reason why I believe that Black Widow is not safe from the wrath of Thanos is due to Marvel enjoying playing around with the timelines. I mean look at the Spider-Man series. If they were to make a movie of Black Widow after the Avengers: Infinity War, it would not be as interesting. If they did movies prior, we could see the Red Sparrow origins, her time with the Winter Soldier, or the long relationship history with Hawkeye.

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