We all want to get a job that will allow us to live a fairly comfortable life for ourselves and our families, but some people think a lot bigger, which is why there are so many people trying to become celebrities. The best way to become a celebrity is by becoming an actor, a singer, or a pro athlete, but there are also many people who now become famous because of their following on social media and because of sites like YouTube. No matter what the avenue is though, not everyone can reach celebrity status, as only a small handful of people have the necessary talent to actually pull it off, and those individuals tend to also have the time to properly hone their craft.

It is pretty easy to see why so many people want to become celebrities, as celebs tend to date and marry other celebs and because it generally means that you will become a millionaire who will be able to live a care free and lavish lifestyle. When you put that stuff aside though, you will see that all celebrities are basically ordinary people just like everyone else, which means that they too have certain qualities that rub people the wrong way. Nowhere do these negative qualities manifest themselves more than on the set of a movie or TV show, mainly because there are so many people around, and because egos tend to often clash with one another. With that being said, there are celebrities who let their negative qualities get the best of them, and when that happens, the movie or show that they are working on somehow gets negatively effected, and this article will focus on 20 celebs who have caused that kind of trouble on sets.

20 Charlie Sheen

Considering the title of this article, it is pretty safe to assume that many people knew that Charlie Sheen was going to appear on this list, so to kick things off, we might as well talk about him first. Sheen’s career may have started in 1973, but his rise to fame did not occur until 1984, when he starred in the original Red Dawn movie, and it was thanks to that performance that he landed meatier roles in movies like Platoon, Wall Street, and Navy SEALs. We all know that Charlie was the star of the sitcom, Two and a Half Men, and that his tenure with the show ended because he blasted the show’s creator. But despite that downward spiral, he was able to land the lead role in another sitcom shortly after. That new show was Anger Management, and because he was still leading a hard-partying lifestyle, several days of shooting had to be cancelled to accommodate his schedule. In the show’s first season, actress Selma Blair served as Charlie’s co-star and love interest, but the two did not really get along, to the point that she told the production company that he was a menace on set. That led to Sheen threatening to quit the show unless she was fired, which she was.

19 Lindsay Lohan

Disney has become an unstoppable force at the box office over the past decade, and all of that success can be attributed to their catalog of animated movies, and early live-action programming. This early live-action programming, included both movies and TV shows, and both mediums ended up turning children and young teens into celebrities, which is how the term ‘Disney Star’ originated. One of the original Disney Stars was Lindsay Lohan, who came onto the acting scene in 1998 with The Parent Trap, but she also appeared in Disney films such as Life-Size, Get A Clue, and Freaky Friday. It was thanks to these performances that people assumed that Lindsay was going to become a superstar in the acting world, but thanks to multiple run-ins with the law, her career essentially fell off a cliff. Most of her issues may have occurred away from a set, but Lindsay has also been known for being a difficult person to work with on set, as she has been known for either delaying shoots or not showing up at all, and for having unpredictable mood swings. While filming the 2013 film, The Canyons, her co-star James Deen went as far as to refer to Lohan as a “child lashing out”.

18 Christian Bale

Many people consider Batman to be their favorite superhero, so it makes sense that the character has had more live-action film adaptations than any other hero, but he is also the only hero to be portrayed by more than five actors. Ben Affleck is currently wearing the cape and cowl, but before him we had Christian Bale, who many comic book fans believe produced the best incarnation of the Dark Knight over the course of his standalone trilogy. Bale may have played Batman, but he is also best known for starring in films such as American Psycho, The Fighter, and American Hustle, and seeing as he has won an Oscar for his work, it goes without saying that he can indeed act. While filing Terminator: Salvation, Bale had a very famous blow-up which saw him yelling at the movie’s director of photography because he interrupted him during a take. Bale is known for not wanting to make friends while filming, and to give you an idea of how difficult he was to work with, his assistant, who was with him from 2000 to 2004, had to go through five years of therapy as a result of working for the actor.

17 Keifer Sutherland

When it comes to Hollywood, it is actually quite rare to see both a father and son in the business, but it does happen, and from a filmography point of view, Keifer Sutherland has had half the career that his father Donald has had. Keifer made his acting debut in 1983, but it was not until he appeared in The Lost Boys that he started to get more roles, but even though he has appeared in quite a few movies, he is best known for his time on television, primarily the show 24 where he played Jack Bauer. The show ended up running for a combined nine seasons, and it also spawned a TV movie that he also starred in, and in 2010, during the the eighth season, he worked alongside Freddie Prince Jr. As it turns out, people have not enjoyed working with Keifer, and years after his appearance on the show, Freddie explained why. While working on the show, he says that Keifer was very temperamental, and that he would get people fired simply because he did not like them, in fact he acted so unprofessionally on set that Freddie almost quit acting after working with him.

16 Mike Myers

It is believed that Canadians are the most polite people on the planet, and for the most part, that minor stereotype is true, and you can see that level of politeness in virtually every Canadian celebrity. Mike Myers was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, and although he has appeared in some more serious films like Inglorious Bastards and Terminal, he is best known for starring in lighthearted comedies like the Shrek and Austin Powers movies. Myers is also best known for his time on Saturday Night Live where he created the Wayne Campbell character that eventually led to the Wayne’s World movie and its sequel, and based on these roles, and how he acts during interviews, you would think that he is a good old Canadian boy. As it turns out, Myers is not the easiest person in the world to work with, as evidenced by his actions on the set of Wayne’s World, where he once walked off set because he was given a bagel without any margarine on it. While filming Bohemian Rhapsody, he became angry because of the amount of takes needed to film a scene that he did not think was funny, which added to the view that he is an egotistical, and very temperamental, control freak on set.

15 Katherine Heigl

Most of us can agree that the first five seasons of a show are the best that the show has to offer, but not many shows are able to get to that mark, and for those that do, they tend to go on until the show’s quality diminishes. Grey’s Anatomy just finished its 14th season, and although it is still very popular, the current show pales in comparison to its first couple of seasons, which featured characters that are no longer there, including Katherine Heigl’s character. Heigl was on the show for its first six seasons, a run that spanned 109 episodes, and thanks to that role, she was able to land roles in several movies, including 27 dresses, The Ugly Truth, and Knocked Up. In truth, Heigl has had a bit of trouble getting work, and that would be because she has earned a reputation for being a difficult person on and off the set, as she and her manager are very difficult to deal with during negotiations, and she has also badmouthed projects that she has worked on. In terms of on set issues, she is known for delaying shoots by either spending too much time in makeup, or refusing to leave her trailer for petty reasons, and she has on occasion insisted on making script changes in the middle of production.    

14 Val Kilmer

In 1986, audiences were introduced to Top Gun, a movie that helped to make Tom Cruise a superstar, but it also helped to bring Val Kilmer into the spotlight, and next year, he will appear alongside Cruise in the movie’s anticipated sequel. It is true that many of his films have been direct-to-video releases, but that does not mean that he has not appeared in some notable films, like Alexander, and The Prince of Egypt. As it turns out, Kilmer happens to also be part of a very exclusive club, as he is one of the six actors who have gotten the chance to portray a live-action version of Batman. He played the caped crusader in Batman Forever, and it was while filming that movie that his temperament became well known. While on set, Kilmer would talk down to members of the crew and production staff, and when director Joel Schumacher spoke to him about it, the two got into an argument that resulted in neither person speaking to the other for two weeks, and that argument would explain why he was replaced by George Clooney in the sequel. Kilmer has seemingly always had a temper, as evidenced by the fact that he walked off the set of a commercial when he was 12 years old.

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13 Clayne Crawford

As of right now, the television landscape is the best that it has ever been, as there are literally hundreds of channels, and several streaming services, that air hundreds of different shows that represent every type of genre imaginable. With that being said, Hollywood does like to revisit properties from the past, which is why there have been so many show revivals recently, and why several movies have been brought to the small screen as well. The Lethal Weapon franchise consists of four movies, all of which starred Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, and in 2016, a television adaptation debuted on Fox, with actor Clayne Crawford taking over the portrayal of Gibson’s character. In April, news broke that Crawford was putting a potential third season of the show in jeopardy because of his on-set behavior, but in the end, the show will be back for a new season, just not with Crawford, who was ultimately fired. It turns out that Crawford was disciplined several times for emotionally abusing crew members and for creating a hostile and unsafe work environment, as evidence by the fact that another actor was injured after being hit by shrapnel in an episode that Crawford happened to be directing.

12 Edward Norton

Virtually every aspiring actor would do anything to land a life changing role, and Edward Norton knows that all too well, as he made his big screen debut in 1996 with the movie, Primal Fear, which got him a Golden Globe award and Oscar nomination. That role sure changed his life, but it was his ability to act in other movies such as American History X and Fight Club, that solidified his spot as one of the best actors that his generation managed to produce. The Marvel movies are known for casting big names, and in 2008, Norton played Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk, which is part of their cinematic universe, but as we all know, Mark Ruffalo has been playing the big green guy since 2012. As of right now, Norton is the only actor that Marvel has had to replace, and that would be because Norton has a history of being VERY difficult to work with, especially when it comes to directors on and off the set. The director of American History X for example, has called Norton a “narcissistic dilettante”, and for good reason, as he forced himself into the editing room and took over the final cut of that movie.

11 Jennifer Lopez

In the past, actors generally stuck to acting while singers stuck to singing, and from time to time, there would be a few individuals who could do both, but now, more and more singers are getting into the acting game. In 1991, Jennifer Lopez broke into the entertainment business as a backup dancer for New Kids on the Block, and since then, she has managed to become a very successful recording artist who has also put together a pretty lengthy filmography that includes multiple movies. People may love J-Lo, but most of those people have never worked with her, and as it turns out, many of those who have worked with her considered her to be a total nightmare. When Lopez signs on to appear in a movie, she has a long list of demands, and when any of those demands are not met, she is known for throwing fits on set, and when she is on set, she refuses to speak to anyone unless it is in front of a camera during a scene, and if anyone tries, they are forced to speak to a handler. While working on American Idol, a member of the crew said that “Jennifer is more difficult to deal with than Barbra Streisand on a bad day.”   

10 Sean Young

Last year we saw the release of Blade Runner 2049, which somehow underperformed despite the fact that it was the long awaited sequel to Blade Runner (1982), a movie that is considered to be one of the best science fiction films ever made. The original movie saw actress Sean Young play a biorobotic android, and based on her performance in the movie, there were many people who believed that she was going to have a very good career. As it turns out, she has had a lengthy career that includes dozens of films and TV shows, but she was never able to reach any true level of superstardom, mainly because she had many run-ins with coworkers and movie executives. While filming Stripes, she and Bill Murray clashed several times on set, and when she did not get the Catwoman role in Batman Returns, she crashed a meeting at Warner Bros while wearing a makeshift Catwoman suit. In 1988, Young was filming The Boost with James Woods, and at one point during filming, she had the bright idea to superglue Woods’ reproductive organ to his leg, a move that unsurprisingly delayed production for some time, and which caused tension on the set.

9 Marlon Brando

In nearly a century, Hollywood has introduced audiences to hundreds of different actors, but just like most things in life, there is an obvious hierarchy in Hollywood in terms of the ability to actually act, as some actors are just much better than others. There are only a handful of actors who can be considered the greatest of all time, and based on his body of work, Marlon Brando is without a doubt in the conversation. The late actor is considered to be one of the biggest cultural influences in 20th century film making, and he is also credited for bringing realism into acting. Brando appeared in over two dozen movies, where he was nominated for eight Academy Awards, and those nominations led to two wins for his performances in On the Waterfront and The Godfather. He may be one of the greatest actors who ever lived, but that does not mean that he was an easy person to work with on set, as he actually frustrated quite a few directors with his actions. He would come to set without any pants on, and would only receive direction from the actors who he shared scenes with, and they were forced to wear earpieces because of it; and he never even read the script for Apocalypse Now before filming any of his scenes.

8 Shannen Doherty

For years, there have been shows that were created for the purpose of bringing in a predominately teenage audience, and such programming did not really start until the early 90s. In 1990, Beverley Hills 90210 made its debut on television, and it was a massive hit, as it ran for ten seasons, and it was even revived in 2008 with a new show that ran for another five seasons, and it is thanks to the show that actors like Shannen Doherty became household names. The show had an incredible amount of teenage drama, but off screen, there seemed to be a fair bit of drama as well, and as it turns out, Doherty was at the center of most of that drama. While working on the show, she feuded with her co-stars, especially Jenny Garth, and she was also known for partying a lot, showing up on set late, and for getting into physical fights while on set, which is why she was fired from the show in 1994. A few years later, she was cast as one of the leads in the show Charmed, but she was fired yet again, this time after three seasons, all because she feuded with co-star Alyssa Milano.

7 Lea Michelle

Fox is the network that introduced audiences to the world of teenage TV drama, and in 2009, they continued down that path when they started airing the musical comedy-drama series, Glee. The show became a massive hit, and ran for six seasons before ending in 2015, and it became so popular mainly because of the cast which was filled with individuals who for the most part were able to sing. The biggest name to come out of Glee was without a doubt Lea Michelle, who ended up receiving Emmy, Golden Globe, and Grammy nominations during her tenure with the show, and she used that fame to land roles on both Scream Queens and the very short lived sitcom called The Mayor. It appeared as though Lea allowed her fame to get to her head, because while shooting Glee, she gained the reputation of being a Diva. According to her former co-star, Naya Rivera, Lea would lock herself in her trailer, and stall production because of unflattering rumors, and she even blames Lea for the producers firing her. Actress Kate Hudson at one point guest starred on Glee, and she has said that working with Lea turned out to be a total nightmare.  

6 Russel Crowe

There are so many great American and UK actors out there that we sometimes forget that there are great actors from all over the world, including New Zealand, which is where Russell Crowe hails from. Crowe has been acting since 1990, but it was not until 2000 that he made his mark in Hollywood following the release of Gladiator, a critically acclaimed film that earned him his first and only Oscar for best actor; and since then, he has gone on to star in films such as Noah, Les Miserables, and Robin Hood. Even though Gladiator was the film that made his career, he was not a fun person on set, seeing as he threatened to kill a producer with his bare hands because of his assistants not getting enough money from the production company. At another point in the filming process, the screenwriters decided to make changes to a monologue, and despite delivering the lines masterfully, he was not pleased with the changes, and he even stated that the script “was sh*t, but I’m the greatest actor in the world and I can make even sh*t sound good.” He has also gotten into fights on other sets, allegedly because he was drunk.

5 Mariah Carey

Earlier on this list, we talked about Jennifer Lopez and how she has managed to do well in both the singing and acting segments of the entertainment industry, but Mariah Carey has also, and unsuccessfully, tried to delve into the acting world. The 5-time Grammy Award winner has appeared in critically acclaimed films like Precious and The Butler, but the body of her work has been very forgettable, except for the movie Glitter, which is still considered to be a terrible movie that should have never seen the light of day to begin with. When it comes to the entertainment industry, a Diva is defined as a woman who is difficult to please, and who has a reputation for being temperamental, and for quite some time, Mariah has been viewed as a very big Diva. This became very evident in 2012, because that was the year that she became a judge on American Idol, and as many people already know, she had several on-set clashes with fellow judge and Diva, Nikki Minaj. She did not have problems with just Nikki though, as several contestants complained that she was late to mentor shoots, and that she was incredibly demanding when it came to specific singing details.

4 Christina Aguilera

Lindsay Lohan may be one of the original Disney stars, but the company was putting kids on the path to stardom years before she came around, and that would be because of The Mickey Mouse Club, which gave many people their first glimpse of celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. With over 50 million records sold worldwide, and five Grammys to her name, Christina has had a very successful career, but unlike the other singers who have appeared on this list, she has not tried that hard to venture into acting. With that being said though, her almost non-existent filmography has not stopped her from appearing on TV, as she worked as a judge on The Voice. She worked on the singing competition for a combined six seasons, where she and fellow judge Adam Levine clashed several times behind the scenes, and according to him, she even tried to sabotage one of the singers who was part of his team. Those were not the only problems she caused though, as she apparently showed up on set looking bloated and hungover multiple times, mainly because she liked to party a lot at the time. The show even had to enforce a curfew in order to get her on set at a reasonable time.

3 Steven Seagal

Like many things in history, Hollywood has gone through several different eras, and right now, we are very much still in the era of superhero movies, but in the 1980s and early 90s, the movie landscape looked very different. That era was in fact dominated by the action movie genre, and gave us names such as Sylvestor Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the genre also gave us Steven Seagal, who has appeared in over three dozen movies. Seagal’s first role may have come in 1988, but it was in 1992 that he made a name for himself after the release of Under Siege, which saw him play a Navy SEALs counter-terrorist expert. That movie turned out to be Seagal’s best movie, and the only movie in his filmography that is worth mentioning, seeing as the majority of his movies were direct-to-video. Just because most of his movies were never released in theaters, does not mean that Seagal was not a problematic individual to work with, as he was known for abusing his own stuntmen, and he even sucker punched one of his co-stars on the set of Executive Decision. In 1991, he was a host on Saturday Nigh Live, and his actions in the writing room almost made him the first celebrity guest to be fired from the show.

2 Bruce Willis

In the grand scheme of things, Steven Seagal was/is a minor name in the action movie genre, and if you were to ask anyone, they would probably say that his career is meaningless when compared to Bruce Willis’. The action movie icon got his big break in 1988, following the release of Die Hard, a movie that has so far spawned four sequels that he also starred in. Thanks to that one movie, Willis has gone on to appear in over three dozen movies, including action films such as Red, The Expendables, Death Wish, Looper, and Sin City; but he has also appeared in non-action roles in films such as The Sixth Sense and Armageddon. Now, Willis has been criticized over the past couple of years because of his politics and stance on guns, but neither of those things have translated to on-set issues, instead, his personality is what has bothered a lot of people. Willis is known for being unapproachable on set, and when filming the movie Cop Out, director Kevin Smith said that working with Willis was a “soul crushing” experience, and while working on the show Moonlighting, he constantly slowed down production to the point that producers were not sure if episodes would meet their air date.

1 Chevy Chase

Saturday Night Live has produced dozens of comedians who went on to have great success in both film and television, and the first real star to make the jump from the show was Chevy Chase, even though he only appeared in 30 episodes. Following his run with the show, Chase went on to star in Caddyshack and the Family Vacation movies, and it was through those movies that his reputation for being a massive jerk came to light. The man who played a loving father on the big screen was actually intolerable on set, as he would often have outbursts and insult crew members and fellow actors, but he was also a nightmare while working on SNL as both a cast member and host. While appearing as a guest host, he got into verbal and physical fights with Bill Murray, and during another appearance, he made homophobic comments, and when he was told to apologize, he threw a fit. While working on the beloved sitcom, Community, Chase was known for throwing racial slurs, which did not sit well with his co-stars, Danny Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown, and those slurs were just one of the reasons why he was written off the show, as he also got into several public fights with Dan Harmon, the show’s creator.

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