The Marvel Cinematic Universe is stronger than ever these days, and people just aren’t getting tired of superhero movies. Their newest flick, The Avengers: Infinity War proved just that, and there are plenty more Marvel movies on the way. You can’t blame the big studios for continuously pumping out these kinds of movies, either. They make lots of money, so they’re going to keep making them. It seems like as soon as one chapter ends, like what we saw in Logan, a new one begins, and so the cycle continues. But for huge fans of the MCU, there are a lot of things to argue about and debate between the release of films.

Just take a look on Reddit, and you will find hundreds of discussions about Marvel movies and their superheroes. A lot of them ask some pretty interesting questions about whether or not their favorite heroes actually make any sense. These arguments are echoed throughout the internet, and honestly, some of them make a lot of sense. Despite what you may believe, the people who make the Marvel movies are not superheroes – they’re human. And like all people, they make mistakes. Sometimes these are just small details that they’ve overlooked, while on other occasions they’re huge, glaring problems. Do these heroes still make sense after learning these facts? We’ll let you decide.

20 Is Wolverine A Mutant Or Not?

One of the most confusing things about one of Marvel’s most famous characters, Wolverine, is whether or not he’s an actual mutant. His healing powers are what makes him a mutant, although his adamantium skeleton is not technically one of his powers, it was an addition made to his already powerful body. There are numerous questionable times in the movies where people such as Stryker tell Wolverine straight up that he’s not a mutant. This definitely adds to the perpetual sense that Wolverine is an outsider and loner in the MCU, but is there any actual truth to it all?

It turns out that this confusion extends to the comic book universe as well. There was a time when Wolverine’s backstory was completely retconned, and it was revealed that Logan wasn’t actually a mutant, but rather a “Lupine,” a divergent branch of human evolution that started with wolves, not primates.

It all got pretty weird, until Wolverine was given back his status as a mutant. But at the end of the day, most of us aren’t sure what to believe about Wolverine anymore. His latest movie showed him slowly dying, which technically isn’t supposed to happen due to his healing powers… This raised even more questions.

19 Why Did The US Government Create Captain American If They Didn’t Even Use Him?

The first Captain America movie was one that was eagerly awaited by Marvel fans, and it definitely lived up to its hype. Today, Captain America is one of the most beloved and prominent characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and one that often fills a much-needed leadership role when it comes to the many heroes we see these days. But his beginnings were in fact pretty humble. We all know the story of the skinny little man who was unfit for the US military during World War One, until he took some experimental super soldier serum…

After he took the serum, most of us were expecting him to jump straight into combat to defeat the Germans. But strangely, it didn’t pan out that way.

Instead of actually being put on the front lines where he belonged, Captain America was paraded in front of the American people as a symbol of the USA rather than one of its weapon, and he was reduced to a glorified War Bond salesman. So why on Earth didn’t the USA actually use the super soldier they had created for his intended purpose – war? It becomes even more strange when you take into account that all other attempts to replicate the super serum have failed, so it’s not like they could just create more super soldiers. It was their one and only super weapon in the Second World War.

18 Why Wasn’t Quicksilver Used More?

One of the best moments in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe was during X-Men: Days Of Future Past, when we met a child version of the popular hero Quicksilver. He’s basically Marvel’s version of The Flash, and he has similar speed. The character was used to single-handedly infiltrate and take down a guarded military compound, and he did so with complete and utter ease. Seeing him run around the armed guards, playing pranks on them and tasting soup as he ran past really illustrated not just this hero’s sense of humor, but also his incredible raw power.

So what doesn’t make sense about all of this? How about the fact that he wasn’t really used much past this point.

We get that he was a child and everything, but Quicksilver could literally be used to solve 90% of the problems that arise later on in this film. He could have taken out all of the X-Men’s enemies within seconds. That’s probably why he wasn’t used – it would’ve made the story way too easy and boring for viewers. But why introduce him in the first place if it’s going to raise these kinds of questions? The character later appears in Age Of Ultron, and gets taken down by a bullet, which makes no sense given this character’s already established speed.

17 What Is The Paint On Captain America’s Shield Made Out Of?

We all know that Captain America is one of the most noble and moral characters in the entire MCU, and that’s symbolized perfectly by the fact that his signature weapon is a shield. It’s not an offensive weapon, as Captain America does not strive to do harm. Instead, he’s there to protect, and his shield helps him do just that. Most fans know that this shield has some interesting qualities. It’s made out of Vibranium, which means that it’s indestructible, and even though it’s primarily a defensive piece of equipment, it can also be thrown at enemies to inflict massive damage.

But as interesting as Cap’s shield is, there’s one thing about it that doesn’t make much sense. How does the paint remain relatively unscathed throughout most of his battles? There are times when he’s being pelted with bullets, and they all seem to bounce off his shield – with out making much of a mark. But that makes no sense, because obviously only the metal part of the shield contains the vibranium, not the paint (unless there’s some vibranium-infused paint that we don’t know about). You would expect there to be way more scuffs and marks on Cap’s shield. In fact, by the end of each battle the paint should be pretty much gone.

16 How Exactly Is Dr. Octopus’ Mind Controlled By His Tentacles?

One of the most interesting enemies that Spider-Man ever faced came in the second movie, when he was introduced to Dr. Octopus – or “Doc Oc” for short. This incredibly interesting enemy is a scientist who has developed some artificially intelligent limbs for originally innocent purposes, but he is eventually corrupted and becomes evil. He melds with his robotic limbs and becomes eight-legged, as befitting of his Octopus moniker. One of the most interesting things about this villain is that the robotic limbs are actually taking over his brain, slowly but surely controlling him and bending him to their will.

But how on Earth does this make any sense? The limbs are never shown connecting to his brain in any way – just his spinal cord. It could maybe make sense if there was some kind of fluid secreted by the limbs that traveled to his brain, but that again is never shown. There’s also the fact that Dr. Octopus is himself just a human being. His arms might be super-powered, but his body is not. He is a massive target for everyone, not just superheroes like Spider-Man (who could probably defeat him with one punch) but to anyone with a gun… All they need to do is shoot the non-robotic part.

15 What’s The Point Of Black Widow?

Before we really dive into this discussion, let’s point out that Black Widow is an awesome character. She’s exactly what the MCU needs, and the fact that she hasn’t got her own movie yet is a total crime. She’s often right in the thick of the fighting, and is one of the bravest and most intelligent heroes out there. But that’s just exactly the point – she’s a hero, not a superhero. For all her skills, equipment and tactical awareness, she’s still only human. And that puts her at a severe disadvantage when she comes up against most things the Marvel Cinematic Universe puts her up against.

The only thing she’s really qualified for is taking out other humans, such as armed guards. You might argue that Iron Man is also just a normal human – but his suits pretty much give him superpowers. So why on Earth is Black Widow right there alongside literal giants like the Hulk, or Gods like Thor? A stray piece of falling rubble could take her out, and everyone knows it. Therefore, there is really no point to Black Widow even being there. She should be used for what she’s good at – spying. But the ironic thing is that even then, her identity has been blown and she’s essentially famous now… So she can’t even be a spy, either.

14 What’s The Point Of Hawkeye?

This might seem a little repetitive, so bear with us. Just like Black Widow, Hawkeye is just another human being. He’s definitely a cool addition to the MCU and has tons of fans. He’s also played some really interesting roles throughout the movies, often being a major factor in the victory of the good guys. But just like Black Widow, he really isn’t qualified to be fighting these battles alongside super soldiers and people decked out in Iron Man suits. He’s just a man, and he should probably be doing something much more safe and suitable for his limited abilities.

And what’s with his weapon? A bow and arrow? Seriously? We get that he’s a great shot and everything, but how much can you really achieve with a bow and arrow. Even if you mix it up with explosive bolts and other exotic arrow types, there’s still not a lot you can do with such a primitive weapon, especially when you’re fighting against gods, powerful aliens, and technologically advanced super-villains. It’s great that Hawkeye played such a big role in the MCU so far, but he should probably be doing more stealthy tasks like infiltrating bases – not fighting in large scale battles.

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13 A Tale Of Two Sabertooths

Long-time fans of the X-Men franchise will remember the very first movie, entitled simply X-Men, and it included many of our favorite characters. As well as being introduced to some of our favorite heroes, such as Wolverine and Professor X, we were also introduced to some infamous villains, such as Magneto and Sabertooth. Although Sabertooth played a pretty major role in the first film, he never said a single word – beyond some roars and growls. He seemed to be entirely feral – more animal than human. And when Wolverine fought Sabertooth, there was little indication that they were actually brothers.

Yes, that’s right, as Marvel fans no doubt know, Sabertooth is Wolverine’s brother. This was explored in more detail with the release of X-Men OriginsWolverine, when we learned the story of Wolverine’s beginnings, all the way back to his family life and strong connection with his brother, Sabertooth. This version of Sabertooth is much more human and refined than the feral version that we saw in X-Men, and he was played by an entirely different actor. So what gives? We get recasting the role, but it really makes no sense how the two characters were so markedly different.

12 Cyclops Would Technically Break His Neck Whenever He Shot The Beam From His Eyes

One of the most popular MCU characters was Cyclops, one of the key leaders of the X-Men and a powerful mutant in his own right. Okay, that’s not exactly true. Cyclops wasn’t exactly popular. In fact, a lot of fans kind of hated his righteous attitude and cringe-worthy behavior towards Jean Grey… But he’s definitely one of the most prominent characters in the MCU, and takes the spotlight for countless movies. His trademark power is of course his ability to shoot incredible force from his eyes, in the form of a red beam of pure energy. It’s enough to knock most villains out, and definitely one of the strongest weapons of any mutant.

But here’s the problem. If we’re talking about a potentially infinite amount of energy here, then we have to also consider Newton’s third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. That means that when Scott shoots out a fully powered blast from his eyes, his body (more specifically, his neck) would take the full brunt of that “opposite” reaction. So unless he has super strong neck muscles, his neck would snap every time he shot his beams. Technically, however, Cyclops is not “shooting” anything. Some sources say that Cyclops’ eyes are merely portals to something called the “punch dimension,” a hidden zone filled with limitless energy. But most will agree that this makes even less sense.

11 Super Speed Is Theoretically Impossible

Let’s return to Quicksilver for a second. In fact, let’s talk about all the characters in the MCU who are capable of super fast speeds. Super speed is undeniably one of the best abilities a hero can have. If you can’t even react fast enough to what someone is doing (let alone see what they’re doing), then how can you form a viable defense? It seems like speed is definitely one of the most effective super powers, even against those who are much more powerful. But how viable would super speed be, technically speaking? In the world of real-world physics, super speed doesn’t seem realistic at all.

First of all, most of these super fast heroes such as Quicksilver (not to mention The Flash and Superman) seem to be able to move faster than bullets – and not just slightly faster, either – the bullets seem to stand still while they run around them. Speeds of this magnitude are approaching or perhaps even exceeding the speed of light, which Einstein has stated is theoretically impossible. There’s also the problem of friction. Even when running with an incredibly wide stance, there is going to be an insane amount of friction when your legs rub against each other at that speed. In fact, doing so would probably cause you to heat up and catch fire within milliseconds.

10 Why Doesn’t Hawkeye Get A Mask?

One of the most essential parts of a superhero’s loadout is not a fancy weapon, or a set of indestructible armor – it’s their mask. A superhero’s mask is important because it protects not only their own identity, but everyone they care about. Villains who figure out a superhero’s true identity will stop at nothing to use their loved ones against them, and the mask prevents that from happening. There are a few heroes who don’t need masks. The Hulk looks so different when he’s transformed that no one would recognize him in human form. Iron Man’s mask is attached to the rest of is power-armored suit.

But one hero that arguably needs a mask most is one that doesn’t have one – Hawkeye. Yes, we’re back on this subject again. Hawkeye is human, which means that he has family and loved ones that he cares about which are human too. In Avengers: Age Of Ultron, we even saw his farm and family, and it definitely seems like something Hawkeye would want to protect. So why doesn’t he have a mask? This question is even more poignant because in the comic book, he does have a mask, and it’s a cool-looking one too… It seems like for a character who is so weak compared to the other Avengers, he would really benefit from keeping his family safe at all costs.

9 Why Does J. Jonah Jameson Keep Trying To Frame Spider-Man?

One of the funniest characters in the entire MCU is Spider-Man’s boss, J. Johah Jameson. He is the editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle, a New York newspaper. As such, he is Peter Parker’s boss. One of the running jokes throughout both the movies and the comics is that Jameson hates Spider-Man, and is constantly running hit pieces on the masked vigilante. He views him as a menace to the city, and wants to ruin Spider-Man’s reputation whenever he can. Unbeknownst to him, Spider-Man is right under his nose the whole time, in the form of his photo-journalist Peter Parker, who provides him with pictures (selfies, really) of Spider-Man.

But why does J. Jonah Jameson hate Spider-Man so much? It really makes no sense when you think about it.

Even the biggest critics of Spider-Man can accept that he fights crime and has saved people’s lives, and yet this editor continues to try and ruin his reputation. At times, it borders on the insane and obsessive. This hatred for Spider-Man would make sense if it were earned in some way, but there is no explanation ever given. Spider-Man has literally done nothing wrong, and yet J. Jonah Jameson will not rest until the entire world hates Spidey as much as he does. It makes no sense.

8 Marvel’s Handling Of Deadpool

One of Marvel’s biggest crimes was how they handled Deadpool. Although they’ve redeemed themselves considerably with the release of not one but two dedicated Deadpool movies, their first portrayal of the legendary hero was totally ridiculous. For those who remember, he first appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and he neither looked nor behaved anything like the real Deadpool we all know from the comics. He was played by Ryan Reynolds, but that’s pretty much the only similarity we see between the two version of the character. This has led to a lot of confusion.

In Origins, Deadpool is a strange creation and master swordsman who makes one early appearance as a relatively normal soldier, and then comes back in the end.

It’s this late appearance in the movie that really got people upset. He seemed nothing like the Deadpool from the comic, and at one point shot lasers out of his eyes. He then promptly died, meaning that Marvel had pretty much given this famous hero most insulting inclusion ever. Deadpool “returned” with his very own movie years later, but people are still confused as to whether that first abomination we saw was even canon, or whether Marvel is just going to pretend that never happened…

7 If Loki Is The Son Of An Ice Giant, Then Why Does He Look So Human?

One of the best Marvel villains of all time is Loki. Part of the reason this villain is so successful is the fact that he’s just a really well-thought out character, but also because of his masterful portrayal by Tom Hiddlestone. Some would say that one of the biggest problems with Marvel movies is that their villains function like plot devices rather than actual characters that live and breathe. Too often we’re introduced to a villain with barely any backstory, just to see them die an inevitable death by the end of the film. Loki is one of those few Marvel villains with an excellent backstory and an intriguing, interesting personality.

But when you look closer at Loki’s backstory, there’s some things that don’t really make sense.

When we were first introduced to the character, we learned that Loki is actually not the biological son of Odin, as so many of the Asgardians believed. Odin found the infant boy in the Jotunheim, and chose to adopt him. It is later revealed that Loki is actually the son of a Ice Giant King. So why does he look so human? We know from the movies that Ice Giants look extremely different from humans, but Loki seems just as human as Thor or Odin. Some would say that Odin cast a spell on Loki to keep his Ice Giant heritage hidden. But when Odin died, why didn’t the spell wore off? Why have we never seen more of Loki’s Ice Giant traits?

6 Why Are The Hulk’s Pants So Stretchy?

Okay, this has to be one of the biggest gripes people have with Marvel superheroes. We all know that the Hulk is one of the strongest and most powerful heroes in the entire MCU, and he’s also one of the most angry an uncontrollable. To call him a hero would be a bit of a stretch. Although his heart is in the right place, he’s often more of a liability on the battlefield than an actual asset. Everything about the Hulk is downright primal, from his hulking muscles down to the tattered shorts he calls a uniform. He doesn’t need any fancy armor or uniform, but there is something truly incredible about those shorts…

How on Earth do they stay on without ripping? He has to get at least 8 times as big when he transforms, and even he gets some XXXXL pants, that’s still not going to be enough to handle his increased size.

And even if he buys pants that big, how are they going to fit his waist when he’s in human form? It’s one of those things that Marvel doesn’t really bother explaining, and we can’t blame them. If they wanted to be super realistic, Hulk would fight naked… But that would just be weird. To be fair, there have been some half-hearted attempted to explain the Hulk’s stretchy shorts, which involve “flexible microfiber fabrics.”

5 Why Did Jean Grey Randomly Attack Cyclops?

One of the most powerful mutants of all time was Jean Grey, AKA “Phoenix.” A more powerful mutant than even Professor X, this character for the most part stayed fairly dormant within the MCU. That all changed in the third movie, when she lost control over a hidden part of her personality, causing her to go completely rogue. She became evil, destructive, and completely  enslaved to her most impulsive desires. It was interesting to see her become completely unhinged like that, but there are plenty of things about the way this character developed that made no sense.

Going back all the way to the first movie, there were a lot of inconsistencies about Jean Grey.

For instance, why was she so easily seduced by Wolverine when she was supposedly in love with Cyclops. Furthermore, why did she randomly kill the love of her life, Cyclops, in that famous scene from the third film? It seemed completely out of the blue. Was she just doing it because she was bored? Or was it an accident? Either way, it was never really explained, and it seemed pretty strange and confusing when it happened…

4 Yondu Is Actually Really Vulnerable When Controlling His Arrow

One of the most popular new film franchises within the MCU is Guardians Of The Galaxy. When this movie first came out, it caught a lot of people off guard, and tons of them became huge fans overnight. It was a Marvel movie with a slightly more fun and light atmosphere, and definitely one of the funniest films in the MCU ever made. They later came out with a sequel, and it seems like this is one film series that is here to stay. There’s so much to love about these movies, but there’s also some pretty confusing and nonsensical moments scattered in there as well.

Yondu is Starkiller’s adoptive father, and he’s definitely one of the most interesting characters. As a space pirate, he doesn’t have any trouble breaking the law, and one weapon in particular makes him a menacing presence in this fictional universe. We’re talking of course about his arrow – a projectile that can be controlled by Yondu using a complex series of whistles. The arrow can fly around at high speeds, taking out multiple foes before flying back into the palm of Yondu’s hand.

But is this weapon really viable? There are certain scenes where he is surrounded by armed fighters, whistling as the arrow flies around. He is actually extremely vulnerable while using his arrow, and all it takes is one pull of the trigger to take him out while he’s whistling away. It’s actually a pretty illogical weapon if you think about it…

3 In Order To Pay For All His Suits, Tony Stark Has To Be Extremely Rich 

Tony Stark is one of the all-time favorite characters in the MCU, and it’s not hard to see why. After all, what’s not to love? He’s got a great sense of humor, a sharp wit, and some seriously awesome armored suits to help him win wars against pretty much any enemy imaginable. One suit just isn’t enough for this genius, and it’s been revealed multiple times within the MCU that he has an entire arsenal of different suits equipped for different situations. From the massive Mark 44 “Hulkbuster” armor to the sleek and sophisticated Mark 50 seen in Infinity War, Tony Stark has a set of armor to deal with pretty much any threat.

But how much money would it actually cost to build all of these Iron Man suits? It’s been estimated that each suit costs close to $1 billion dollars, with Stark’s entire range of suits costing a total amount of over $10 billion dollars. But Stark’s a billionaire, so that’s really no biggie… Right? Actually, estimates have put Tony Stark’s fortune at just about $12 billion dollars… Meaning that he’s essentially going broke making all of these Iron Man suits. In addition, he would have to be doing some serious tax evasion to hide that amount of spending on his “toys.” Some have even suggested he’d have to write off the cost of his suits as “charitable donations.”

2 Why Did Odin Never Help?

We all know that Thor is the representative of the Asgardians on Earth, and he’s an extremely powerful hero. As you would expect from a literal god, Thor is much stronger, faster, and more resilient than an average human being. He comes from a long line of gods, including his relatives within Asgard, who are also gods. But perhaps Thor’s most powerful relative is his father, “Odin.”

Known also as the “all father,” this guy puts even Thor’s powers to shame. He can do things that Thor cannot, and has shown his incredible power on more than one occasion.

Although Odin is now presumed dead, there were times when many of us wondered why he didn’t do more to help. You also got the impression that Odin was testing Thor, and letting him make his own mistakes as a learning experience. But then again, there were moments when the fate of the entire universe was literally hanging in the balance, and Odin just sat on his throne and let Thor do all the work. Marvel’s heroes could have really used Odin’s help on quite a few occasions. So why didn’t Odin do more to aid the good guys? Maybe it’s just the fact that Anthony Hopkins didn’t want to commit to too much…

1 Why Does Deadpool Break The Fourth Wall?

Let’s end things with a hero that’s very popular these days, and will no doubt grow in popularity within the next little while. That’s because the sequel to the new Deadpool film is pretty much upon us, and there are a lot of fans that are understandably excited. Deadpool took the MCU in a brand new direction that a lot of people weren’t prepared for, and while some didn’t appreciate this more comedic approach, the vast majority of us loved it. Finally, we saw the MCU through the eyes of someone who really didn’t take themselves that seriously. And that was exactly what a lot of us had been waiting for.

As such, it makes sense that there is a lot about this character and his movie that doesn’t make much sense. In all honesty, Ryan Reynolds kind of embraces it.

There are numerous times when he himself points out things within the MCU that doesn’t make sense as well. But he’s just as guilty as the rest, and he does things like breaking the fourth wall continuously throughout his movies. Clearly, this is not really something that makes sense, both in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and in movies as a whole. But hey – that’s exactly why we love Deadpool… He makes absolutely no sense – and embraces it.


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