Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker has shared “Dragon Eyes,” the latest offering from her upcoming double solo LP, Songs and Instrumentals. 

Accompanied by a visual of trees at dusk, the track features Lenker’s vocals over sparse acoustic guitar. “Freezing at the edge of the bed/Chewing a cigarette and repeating shadows of words I said,” she sings. Later, she reflects on a season that’s come to a close: “Stars bloom on a warm summer night.”

“Dragon Eyes” follows the lead single “Anything.” Songs and Instrumentals mark Lenker’s third and fourth solo albums, following 2018’s Abysskiss. Both were made in quarantine, inside a cabin in the mountains of western Massachusetts with engineer Philip Weinrobe.

The double LP arrives on October 23rd via 4AD with a digital free-vinyl recording, a.k.a. analog-analog-analog (AAA). “Not only does this process allow for a very specific type of sonic experience to come alive, but the process also dictates how we work,” Weinrobe said in a statement. “The fine-toothed editing and micro-adjustments that every modern record relies on are not available. The computer screen is not glowing while the music is being recorded.”

“The entire workflow becomes a part of the music in a way that is simply not possible when working in digital audio,” he added. “AAA is a very labor and resource-intensive process and it has a wide array of limitations compared to digital record-making, but there is no other way we could have achieved both the capture and delivery of this music without it.”

Songs and Instrumentals is available for preorder here.

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