Axed Eve Gale has given her backing to her sister Jess coupling up with Nas Majeed on Love Island.

The hostess, 20, reckons they could grow to be the perfect couple.

At present, they are teamed up as friends.

She said: “I feel so happy Jess is in a couple with Nas. I really got along with Nas. He’s such a positive, uplifting person.

“They’ve never completely shut off romance. I think he really gets us and we get him. He’s just the loveliest person ever.

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“Me and Jess said on our first day out of all the boys, we can talk to Nas the best.

“If I was to choose to go on a night out, I’d be like, ‘Nas come on’.

“He was my best boy friend there. We both said that he reminds us of the kind of people we’d hang out with at home. I’m so happy she’s in a couple she’s happy with.”

Eve has been forced apart from twin Jess after being voted out of the villa on Friday night.

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It means they won’t have any contact with each other for the first time ever.

Eve said: “We’ll both be feeling the same. Inevitably we’ll both be missing each other, thinking of each other.

“I’ll feel upset, maybe she’s also feeling upset. When I see her on screen, if she’s upset I’m going to be crying.

“I think she’s going to miss me. It felt so dramatic saying goodbye.

“We are going to see each other again, it might not even be that long. I’d just reassure her that I’m OK and she can do it.”

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