Fans took to social media to complain about her set list, the lack of official live-stream, and the quality of bootleg ones.

It took exactly one week for fans to turn on Beyoncé after she dominated Coachella Weekend 1 with a stunning stage show.

While last weekend’s set proved all the world is a Beyhive, the response to Queen Bey’s follow-up on Saturday night has been decidedly less enthusiastic.

Part of the problem for Beyoncé is that she set the bar so high for Coachella’s first weekend, it was going to be hard to replicate that, but many people were upset that she didn’t even seem to try. It was an almost note-for-note retread of the first weekend’s show, complete with "surprise" appearances by her sister Solange, husband Jay-Z, and former Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

The déjà vu (with new costuming) performance was only one criticism, with the biggest gripe coming over the late announcement that Coachella would not be live-streaming this weekend’s performance as they did the first. This led to some quick scrambling from within the Beyhive to come up with a way they could still see it … with mixed results.

Below are the most frustrated, angry and hilarious responses to "Beychella 2: Pixels in Pink."


Not gonna lie, we’re not sure what people were expecting. This was essentially a concert and most artists trot out essentially the same set list for each night on the same tour, even if it’s in the same city for a few nights. Nevertheless, Beyoncé fans seemed genuinely stunned that she didn’t come up with a brand new two-hour performance to entertain them for the second weekend. An argument could be made that since this is a different kind of music festival, some variance might have been nice, but did you see how she turned all the yellow in her costuming to pink? It wasn’t all the same!


The show wasn’t without its mishaps, though nothing on the scale of the mild wardrobe malfunctions that plagued the first weekend’s show. This time around, someone forgot to angle a fan just right so that Beyoncé’s hair could blow majestically in the wind, and so she had to DO IT HERSELF during the performance. Later in the show, she tried to pick up Solange and both women wound up falling on the stage. We’ll call that a sibling malfunction.


The biggest criticism Beyoncé and Coachella faced was after they made the decision not to live-stream the second weekend’s performance. It could have been because the set was essentially the same as the first weekend, or it could be an attempt to encourage people to buy tickets in the future rather than expect such greatness be handed to them. Nevertheless, many of her fans couldn’t believe they were going to be denied a second weekend in a row of their Queen. Until, that is, a plan was hatched.


If Coachella wouldn’t live-stream Beyoncé, what about all of her fans in attendance? A call was sent out to all the worker drones, and they got at least one volunteer who agreed to live-stream the entire show via their Instagram feed. There was much rejoicing … for a minute. Then the Hive began to gripe and complain at the poor picture quality on the feed and apparently nothing is good enough!

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