Beyoncé and JAY-Z know how to bust out the best tunes for a dinner party.

The couple was featured on mom Tina Knowles Lawson‘s Instagram account in which they enjoyed a fun dinner with U2’s Bono in Nice, France.

Knowles Lawson, who was also with her husband Richard Lawson, panned her camera around the table to show off all her dinner companions.

Happily singing along to Van Morrison’s “Brown-Eyed Girl” was Bono who was sitting beside JAY-Z. Next to him, was a blonde head of hair immediately recognizable as that of his wife and superstar Beyoncé, who hid her face away from the camera.

As Knowles Lawson insistently kept the camera trained on the “Formation” singer, Beyoncé raised her head and began laughing while throwing her hands up over the camera to cover her face.

“Out in Nice great food , great music, great people,” Knowles Lawson wrote in the caption. “❤@bono i am being the Mamarazzi and she is not co- operating❤with my love Julez.”

Knowles Lawson rarely shares videos or photos of her daughter, son-in-law and their three children: 6-year-old Blue Ivy and 13-month-old twins Rumi and Sir Carter.

Last week the proud grandmother shared a video of herself and Blue dancing to Beyoncé, 36, and JAY-Z‘s new single “Apes—” while on a boat.

“This is my dance off with Blue !! She beat me of course !” Knowles Lawson explained in the caption. “We had to make up an original dance move. My awkward shoulder move was my made up dance ?.”

She added, “I know it’s wrong but my competition is only 6. She killed it though!!!”

The family day of fun also included a cheesy joke that Knowles Lawson credited to Beyoncé.

“Hello! I’m in the south of France, and it’s corny joke time!” the famous mom said into the camera. “Knock, knock.”

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“Who’s there?” two voices off-camera, seemingly Beyoncé and Blue, responded.

Knowles Lawson continued, “Obama.”

“Obama who?” asked what sounded like Beyoncé.

Singing, her mother finished the joke, “All by myself.”

Knowles Lawson chuckled then added, “This is by Beyoncé. She gave me this joke,” as her daughter seemed to protest.

A source recently revealed to PEOPLE that the married music moguls plan to travel alongside their three kids for their joint On the Run Tour II, which kicked off June 6 in Cardiff, U.K.

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“They are incredibly excited. It took a lot of work to make this happen. It’s the best choice for their family,” the insider told PEOPLE of Beyoncé and JAY-Z, 48.

“They will all travel together and have a fun family adventure,” explained the source.

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