Black Sabbath Cover Band Rehearsals — the aptly/diffusely named Black Sabbath cover band featuring an array of indie rock stalwarts — has shared their take on “Sweet Leaf” from an upcoming single, Master of Rehearsal, out September 4th via Famous Class Records.

BSCBR was formed a few years back when the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner, drummer Greg Fox (Liturgy), and Angel Deradoorian (ex-Dirty Projectors) met at a music residency in Berlin and spent some time playing Black Sabbath songs together. When they returned to New York, Zinner enlisted Interpol’s Brad Truax on guitar and Ocrilim’s Mick Barr on bass to fill out the group.

BSCBR soon began playing scattered live gigs and eventually made their way into the studio. “It was surprising for everyone, but they just kept on playing, and the people kept on showing up,” reads a statement on the band’s Bandcamp. “It’s been one of their favorite bands to play in ever. The love of Sabbath has brought so much joy to this group and there’s no greater feeling than spreading that joy to fellow fans.

Eventually, BSCBR made their way into the studio, and their take on Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf” — a not-so-subtle 1971 ode to marijuana — showcases their devotional approach to covering the metal legends (save for some introductory chatter about old Chuck Norris movies).

BSCBR’s Master of Rehearsal seven-inch will boast their cover of “Sweet Leaf” and their take on Sabbath’s 1970 Paranoid track, “Fairies Wear Boots.” Physical copies are available to preorder on the Famous Class website in either black vinyl, purple vinyl or starburst vinyl (the latter comes in various colors). All purchases will come with an instant digital download of both songs.

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