Bon Iver’s Eaux Claires festival is launching a new get-out-the-vote campaign in the battleground state of Wisconsin.

The For Wisconsin initiative was created in partnership with 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, and is described as “a positive, action-based voting initiative.” Per a press release, the campaign will include a variety of different events and content drops over the next few weeks, including photos, songs, conversations, a refurbished van and a series of contests to visit with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and talk about voting.

The A Visit With Vernon contests are putting a voter turnout-spin on a classic meet-and-greet contest. Over the next few weeks, people from around Wisconsin will be encouraged to nominate someone close to them who’s on the fence about voting and explain why they are the right person for this experience. The nominee and nominated tied to the most compelling submission will get the chance to sit down with Vernon for a conversation about voting (and he may just play some music as well).

The Visit With Vernon contest is location-based, and the first round of submissions (which is open now) will be taken from Eau Claire County. The next location will be announced September 28th.

“I try not to judge people,” Vernon said in a statement. “The temperature of our society has us divided. We all want different things, so that makes sense in one way, but in another, I feel we are unduly divided. We all need to listen more. And the best way we can communicate with each other on this largest scale is to vote. The campaign I am participating in, For Wisconsin, is a non-partisan drive for voting and a plea to listen. That means all of us listening to all of us.”

Another part of the For Wisconsin campaign will be a series of interviews conducted by 88Nine Radio Milwaukee’s Tarik Moody with influential Wisconsinites about the importance of voting and other issues. The first is with Bill Hogseth of the Wisconsin Farmers Union.

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