Rapper XXXTentacion is dead after a shooting in Florida.

TMZ was first to break the news the 20-year-old had been shot earlier this afternoon. Now after multiple conflicting reports about his condition, the website has confirmed he has died. According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, the young rapper was pronounced dead at around 2:40 p.m.

XXXTentacion was out shopping for motorcycles in south Florida when an unidentified gunman came up to his car and shot him point-blank as he was getting ready to leave the dealership. The rapper, whose real name is Jahseh Onfroy, was rushed to the hospital where reports were claiming he was comatose.

The dispatch call revealed there were two men involved. Both of the unidentified men were wearing hoodies, with the shooter wearing a red mask over his face. After the shots were fired, the gunman ran back to the black Dodge Journey with dark tint and black wheels that was waiting for him. There are conflicting reports about whether or not a Louis Vuitton bag was stolen from XXXTentacion vehicle.

He was in some serious legal trouble before his death. The rapper was facing charges for domestic abuse against his pregnant girlfriend, as well as witness tampering. All in all, he was facing more than a dozen felony charges. Although he was originally placed on house arrest until his trial, the judge recently let him out of house arrest so he could go on tour.

There is no doubt XXXTentacion has had some feuds in the past but as TMZ reports there was no known beef at this time. However, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t feuding with someone it just means the press didn’t know about it.

At this time, Broward County Sheriff’s Department is pursuing all leads and continuing to interview witnesses. As of now, it is being referred to as a drive-by shooting. Right after the shooting occurred, they Tweeted about the shooting but did not indicate the victim. Later on, the department confirmed on social media the victim had died but still did not release his name.

The rap world lost one of its own today as XXXTentacion was shot and killed, such a tragic loss of a life gone too soon.

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