Queen’s Brian May shocked as house is flooded by sewage

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Earlier this week Brian May shared that his London home’s bottom floor had been hit by a sewage overflow. The 73-year-old expressed his heartbreak that most of a lifetime of memorabilia had been sodden and ruined in the basement. While he battles the terrible house flood, the Queen guitarist has also kept himself busy recording a new music video for his classic solo track Back to the Light.

The new footage coincides with the re-mastered re-release of Brian May’s debut solo album of the same name next month.

Sharing some pictures from the Back to the Light music video editing, the rock star wrote on his Instagram: “I escaped today.

“Leaving all the flash flood sludge in my house behind … escaped to the video edit studio to put this Back to the Light vid together.

“I’m excited ! Is this too much of a tease ? Til soon folks … keep rockin’ — Bri.”

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Brian later shared another snap of himself performing in the music video and one of his empty clogs on the editing room floor.

The 73-year-old captioned this post: “OK – my day is done … it’s all glamour!

“And now … Back to the Fight … against the damp and destruction back home But my skills with a mop are definitely improving … cheers all ! Bri.”

The Back to the Light album, which was originally released in 1992, is available in multiple formats from August 6.

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Brian has already released Driven By You as a single and reedited its music video.

Upon its re-release, he shared how Freddie Mercury – during his final days – gave his blessing for the track to go on his solo album.

The Queen guitarist said: “I played it to Freddie and I said, ‘Freddie, you know if this becomes a Queen track, which it might do, obviously you should sing it.’

“He listened and went, ‘You’ve done it very well darling, and I think you should sing it’.”

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Brian continued: “Now whether that’s because he really did think I sang it well or just because he didn’t want to sing anything, I don’t know. But [Freddie] said, ‘It’s beautiful, it’s great, it’s very complete in its own way, you should do it.’ And he said something very profound at the time.”

The Queen singer, who had been battling AIDS, knew his days could be numbered so encouraged his dear friend and bandmate to work hard at his solo music.

Freddie told Brian: “You know we’re all thinking and wondering what’s going to happen to me, and you don’t have to feel embarrassed about it.

“You know you should be thinking about your solo career at this time and if this is the beginning of your solo career then it’s a very worthy beginning.”

Freddie added: “This is probably the beginning of your finding your wings as you need to do.”

Brian remembered: “So Freddie was very far-sighted and very generous as always and sort of gave me permission to do this as a solo track, which I did.

“I rewrote the words as a piece of relationship therapy, you know, ‘Everything I do is driven by you’ and put it out as a single and it was a hit.

“So it was a nice boost to me to feel I could do things on my own. I wasn’t just a piece of Queen. And that’s what I believe about the core of songs; sometimes you don’t know why you’re writing them.”

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