K-pop and BTS superfan Oli London has taken another step in trying to achieve his dream of looking like more like his idol, Jimin.

The 30-year-old took to his social media accounts to reveal he has had a series of injections in order to lighten his skin, as well as make it look plumper and more youthful.

Sharing a video on Twitter, the singer said: "Just having my skin injected to make it more white.

"I want to have whiter skin just like Jimin and Koreans.

"Also having vitamin injections and micro needling to make my face more plump and youthful."

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In a series of photos, Oli posed for some selfies on the aesthetician's chair, with blood all over his face from the procedure.

He also showed the after effects, with some more selfies with his skin looking very white, before showing the tools used to achieve the look.

Frenchy Morgan's BFF captioned the pictures: "Skin whitening injections to help my skin look more Korean.

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"My skin tone is not as pale as Jimin's so I have had some Gluthiathione and Vitamin C-Peptide injections with micro needling to help make my skin whiter.

"It's very popular in Asia for people to undergo this procedure to reduce hyper-pigmentation, to even skin tone and make skin more white."

Oli has spent around $150,000 (£117,000) in his quest for plastic perfection.

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Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online last year, he said: "I've done my nose five times. I had cheek bone reduction. I've done jaw bone surgery. I've done chin surgery – two operations on my chin. I've done my eyes. I've done my chest, I had gynecomastia, like man boobs, I had that removed and my nipples adjusted – that was painful. And I had liposuction on my chest area as well.

"Then loads of filler all the time. I had a nonsurgical brow lift the other week. I'm always doing non-surgical – injections in my eyes, eyelids, my cheeks."

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