Fresh off her American Music Awards win, Camila Cabello has premiered the music video for her latest single “Consequences” orchestra version. Making its way out on October 10, the Dave Meyers-directed visuals stars Dylan Sprouse.

The three-minute video opens with the Cuban beauty strolling around a park that has been kissed by autumn leaves, recalling her memories with the actor, who plays her deceased boyfriend. Flashback of her and Dylan plays out in front of her in a montage of memories. They play a grand piano together, making out and running around.

As Camila walks further into the park, the season shifts to winter and so does the flashback. The happy moments change to fighting and crying as the snow falls. Towards the end of the music video, she enjoys one last dance with Sprouse before they share one last goodbye kiss. “From loving you was sunshine, but then it poured/ And I lost so much more than my senses/ ‘Cause loving you had consequences,” she sings, leaving the park.

The orchestra version of “Consequences” was released on Monday, October 8. She debuted live performance of the song at the 2018 American Music Awards. Opening up about her reason of choosing the song as her last debut single, she said people told her that it was a “risky” choice because “people always want you to go with a song that sounds like something that’s already on her radio.”

However, she refused to play safe and continued to challenge herself by not doing “what feels predictable or obvious, to do things that excite me, and give you the most honest representation of who I am through music.” She said, “I wanted to close this era finishing on a song that makes you feel, that makes you think about someone you loved and lost, that makes you think about what it’s like to love someone so deeply.”

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