Danielle Bregoli got into a brawl next to a 9-year-old girl last Sunday.

Of all the outrageous things the Cash Me Outside Girl has done, brawling with a barely legal teen right next to a prepubescent girl has got to be right up there at the top. Last Saturday in downtown Los Angeles, Bregoli got into a spat with social media sensation Woah Vicky that turned violent.

If you haven’t heard of Woah Vicky, she’s a character cut from the same cloth as Bregoli, although she didn’t get her start on the set of Dr. Phil. Vicky rose to internet fame after she was arrested in North Carolina for assaulting an officer and then resisting arrest. She then gained 1.4 million followers on Instagram where she typically posts alluring photos of herself and videos speaking in an exaggerated urban accent.

At one point she did an Ancestry.com test that showed her to be 25% of African descent. Ever since then she’s been claiming she is black.

But back to the brawl. On a recent Instagram post, Vicky called out Bregoli in a video that accused her of having writers for her songs rather than writing them herself. There was also quite a few epithets used, so be warned before you click the link.

After then there’s been bad blood between the two that spilled over Last Saturday. It was all caught on cell phone camera from various angles: Bregoli strolls up to Woah Vicky and Lil Tay, her 9-year old companion, and then starts shouting. After that, both girls’ bodyguards have to keep the two separated.

At one point Bregoli manages to slip around both bodyguards and clocks Vicky on the back of the head. Then she and her bodyguard slip away in the ensuing crush of onlookers, all while Lil Tay and Vicky keep shouting at her to leave.

Later, Bregoli posted to her own social media accounts regarding the incident. “Don’t be showin up tryin to film me to get views. I shouldn’t have cracked dhat hoe like I did, but whatever. She a joke. Moving on.”

The post has since been taken down, presumably by Bregoli’s handlers.

Lil Tay has posted her own response to the incident on her Instagram, where the video can be watched by clicking on the Bregoli image that replaces her Avatar. Be warned: strong language ahead.

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