Colbie Caillat is rethinking what she wants out of life.

During a new interview with Maria Menounos on her Better Together show, the singer, 35, admitted that — months after ending her engagement — she isn't sure she ever wants to get married or have children.

"When I was younger, I thought I wanted to get married and have kids, and then — over the past five years — I didn't have an interest in having a wedding. I'm already a performer. I didn't want to have a performance … saying vows in front of people," Caillat explained.

"And I thought, actually, I don't know if I like kids enough to want that responsibility," she added. "Having a family sounds wonderful, but traveling and being free sounds wonderful. I guess it depends on who I meet and the timeframe of all of that."

Her candid new interview comes just over five months after announcing her split from ex-fiancé Justin Young after more than 10 years together. The former Gone West bandmates had officially started dating in September 2009, and six years later, Young popped the question in May 2015.

Looking back on her time with Young, Caillat said she learned how to be vulnerable in relationships.

"He really taught me how to open up and share what you're thinking in a relationship. And when you can do that with your family, a loved, one a stranger, it really allows that person to feel like they can share to realize we're more similar than what we knew and connect on a different level," she said.

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Though she experienced the heartbreak that comes with a break-up, Caillat said this year was one filled with growth.

"I've opened my mind to so much this year that I never would've thought that I would've experienced. There's friends I've made that I never would've thought I'd choose to be friends with per-say. I'm having a really wonderful time with these new experiences," she said. "I'm in the mode of letting it unfold to see where it goes, and keeping open-minded and saying yes to new experiences. I have no plan for the future."

Still on the docket for her is getting back out into the dating scene, something she admits she has been scared to do, despite encouragement from her friends.

"I'm terrified. I'm not there yet. I'm already shy and introverted. I don't even know what I'll say sitting one on one with a new person! What do you talk about? What do you ask?" Caillat said. "My girlfriends have actually sent me questions. I haven't gone on a date yet, but I feel like I'm researching how to date. It's bizarre."

Caillat also gave a sweet shout-out to her friends for being there for her as she went through the mourning of her relationship with Young, saying they helped her "clear" her head on days when she just couldn't stop crying.

"It's really important having friends to talk to, family to talk to, positive people to be around," she said of going through a break-up.

The "Brighter Than the Sun" singer also recently decided to leave Gone West, the country quartet that she formed in 2018, alongside Young, Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy.

She reassured fans that she and Justin were still "best friends, and will continue to make music together forever," but explained that "creative partnerships, especially with friends, are both rewarding and challenging at times, and though this was not an easy decision, we know ending the band was the right one."

When it comes to future collaborations, Caillat admitted she's really hoping to work with Chris Stapleton one day.

"I would love to work with Chris Stapleton. His voice, his music, to harmonize with him would be incredible," she said. "I love everything about his artistry. Coldplay as well, but I'll start with Chris Stapleton."

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