On his new song entitled ‘Ultra Black’, the 46-year-old rapper spits his bars, ‘We goin’ ultra Black, unapologetically Black, The opposite of Doja Cat, Michael Blackson Black.’

AceShowbizNas has become the latest person to slam Doja Cat over her past. On Friday, August 14, the male rapper released a new song entitled “Ultra Black”, in which he took a jab at the “Say So” hitmaker for allegedly being involved in an online racist chatroom.

He could be heard rapping on the song, which was dubbed an anthemic song that embraced black pride, “We goin’ ultra Black, unapologetically Black/ The opposite of Doja Cat, Michael Blackson Black.” Soon after the song was released online, Doja’s name started trending on social media with a lot of people coming to her defense.

For instance, one person said, “nas really speaking on doja cat being ‘anti black’ like he wasn’t beating on Kelis (a whole black woman) for years…,” referring to Kelis who accused her ex-husband of domestic violence when they were married. “Weird how terry crews & Kanye west were RIGHT THERE saying the most c**n s**t on twitter but Nas decided to name drop 23 year old Doja Cat who makes POP MUSIC lmaaooooo! These ‘grown men’ are B***HES,” another person wrote.

“Straight n***as really think they gonna get Doja Cat out of here like they were even her target audience in the first place. She will be just fine. Now back to streaming Hot Pink,” one other commented, as someone gave her/his two cents, “I hate how ppl are bullying doja cat, like get over it She apologies twice *cough cough* (Nas).”

Meanwhile, Doja has yet to respond to the diss.

Earlier this year, Doja received heavy backlash after old videos of her interacting with a group of white supremacists in a chatroom made its way out online. Furthermore, people later found out she had a song called “Dindu Nuffin” before. The title itself was already offensive given that it’s a slur that’s used to denounce black victims of police brutality and violence. Following the controversy, Doja has apologized several times over what happened.

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