Some people may get a little tongue-tied when it comes to their celebrity heroes, but not Katie Kelzenberg and Dwayne Johnson.

Through the power of social media, she actually, y’know, invited The Rock to prom.

Unfortunately, The Rock is a busy fellow, and couldn’t accompany Katie to her big day… but he made up for it, as his recent Instagram post shows.


“About a week ago, I come across a video on my Twitter feed, from a student at Stillwater Area High School (oldest high school in Minnesota) asking me if I would be her date to her prom,” he said.

“Unfortunately, I’ll be shooting during that time in Hawaii, BUT I was so impressed by this young lady’s charm and confidence to even ask me (ladies always get shy in front of me) that I had to do something special.

“I decided to rent out an entire theater (capacity 232 seats) in her town so Katie and her closest 232 friends and family can enjoy a special screening of RAMPAGE. And all the free popcorn, candy and soda high school kids can consume! You’re money’s no good Katie… everything is on Uncle DJ.”

That’s sweet enough (and pretty good promo for Dwayne’s movie too), but there was an extra-special kicker.

“I also taped a special morning message surprising Katie and her high school that will play across the school’s intercom system… literally…RIGHT NOW, Katie should be turning red hearing me surprise her in front of her entire school,” he said.

“I wish I was there in person Katie, to see your reaction to all this, but I’ll hear about for sure and most importantly – you and all your friends have fun at the theater and ENJOY RAMPAGE!

“Thanks for being an AWESOME FAN and I’m a lucky dude to have fans like you.”


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