EastEnders hardman Danny Dyer is terrified of ghosts – or the “old pillars and posts” as the Cockney would better know them.

The tough-guy actor – who plays Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter – may be used to spirits behind the bar on the BBC soap.

But when they invade his home, it is a different matter.

He and wife Jo discovered the Essex house they were living in a few years ago was haunted, so they moved to a new one.

However, she claims she can still see spooks.

In a chat with fans on Instagram, she told them: “I believe in ghosts because I see them all the time.

“They open the doors and shut the doors.”

Danny added: “I’ve seen them. I know they exist. I f***ing love them!”

But Jo, right, told fans the truth and revealed he was in fact a big scaredy cat.

She added: “He is totally a s****y pants when it comes to ghosts!”

This comes shortly after Danny admitted that at a young age he smoked an extreme amount of crack.

Opening up to the i newspaper, the 41-year-old explained how his drug use affected his performance.

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Danny explained how he had nobody to stop him, but still managed to learn from his mistakes through the years.

Fans asked the Danny and his wife how they were coping in the current coronavirus lockdown situation.

Jo moaned: “I’m stuck in a house with no potatoes so I feel like a failure.”

And Danny added: “Other than the fact that the world is dying, I’m f***ing sweet as!”

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