In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past two weeks, you know that Drake‘s “In My Feelings” has taken over the internet. The song itself is a bop, but it didn’t really blow up until comedian Shaquille “Shiggy” Mitchell choreographed a dance and performed it in the middle of the street.

For some reason, the dance quickly caught on and the “In My Feelings” challenge was born. After celebs such as Ciara and Millie Bobby Brown posted their own versions of the routine, it spread like wildfire and people all over the world began filming themselves “doing the Shiggy.” While most of the videos are pretty impressive, jumping out of moving car to dance comes with a lot of risks; and for some, things ended poorly. Keep scrolling to see all of the hilarious “In My Feelings” challenge fails!

always look both ways, kids.

they hit the break a little too hard.

slow down, girl!

this is why you keep both hands on the wheel.

Do the shiggy, not the grapevine!

That’s gotta hurt.

She just… flopped out.

When you think you’re killing it and then…

The classic pie prank.

This is what friends are for.

Wait for it…

That’s gonna leave a bruise.

She almost had it!

That escalated quickly.

He didn’t even stand a chance.
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