Rising boy band PrettyMuch teamed up with rapper Rich the Kid on their alluring, Latin-pop infused “Solita.” They embark on the fall Funktion Tour in October.

Rich the Kid kicks off the song before the group pipes in with a mix of Spanglish as they try to seduce a girl who is “lost and solita” (translation: alone) and, according the boys, in need of their company. They remain chivalrous, waiting for the girl to take the lead as the song becomes increasingly layered with Spanish guitar and horns. “I swear I ain’t tryin’ to rush you girl/I’ll wait for that/The moment I get to touch you, girl/I’ll pray for that,” member Nick Mara sings on the song’s second verse.

Simon Cowell formed PrettyMuch in 2016. They’ve released several songs over the last year, including their debut hit “Would You Mind?” and the Ed Sheeran-penned “Summer on You.” Earlier this year, they joined Khalid on the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter’s Roxy Tour.

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