Jason Derulo has fuelled rumours that BTS are set to release a Savage Love remix and, frankly, we’re not sure why we didn’t guess it before. 

The K-pop group surprised fans with their latest TikTok video which sees them nailing the Savage Love challenge, which went viral thanks to Jason’s number one song featuring Jawsh 685 this summer.  

It didn’t stop there as it emerged that Jason, 31, had recently shown his appreciation for BTS by liking a tweet about their latest single Dynamite becoming their first number one in the US.

Then, they discovered that BTS had received a credit underneath one of the Savage Love music videos on YouTube and it had even been dubbed a ‘BTS remix’. 

What does this mean? 

Well surely, it can only mean Jason and BTS are working on that anticipated remix which was teased two years ago. 

When asked by Metro.co.uk for his thoughts on K-pop which was garnering global popularity at the time, Swalla hitmaker Jason said: ‘I’ve always been a fan of K-pop because of the performance aspect. 

‘I’ll be completely honest, I am so over lazy artists and the world is full of these non-performers and it’s a little sickening to me as I’m a huge fan of performers who can take the stage and light the stage on fire. 

‘I think it’s so few and far between. People don’t seem to care and that gets on my nerves.’ 

Responding to whether he was working with any K-pop artists at the time, Jason said: ‘Um…I am actually in the process of doing something. I can’t tell you what.’ 

He then added ‘100% yes’ when asked if he was a fan of BTS specifically. 

‘I’m a superfan of their fashion and their performance,’ he added. 

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