Jeff Goldblum has been on the comeback for the last few years now, and while it feels like he has permanently cemented himself in the public’s consciousness (and their hearts), he doesn’t feel the same way.

Speaking to Vulture in a slightly melancholic interview, the Thor: Ragnarok actor said: ”Whatever it is that’s happened with my public reception, it’s fleeting. The ups and downs of show business are fleeting. Life is fleeting.

”But this particular experience – where does it come from? I’ve done a couple movies that have been well-received and widely seen — the Thor movie.

”And I remember a few years ago somebody said, ‘You know there’s this Jeff Goldblum’s watching you poop thing.’ This does seem to be a moment for me, doesn’t it?”

As well as starring roles in critically-acclaimed Wes Anderson movies like The Grand Budapest Hotel and Isle of Dogs and a return to the Jurassic Park/World franchise, Goldblum has become the go-to guy for when you want an interview to go viral.

Recent press tours saw him play every character in the original Jurassic Park and do his own version of The Simpsons‘ classic ‘Steamed Hams’ skit.

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