The boys play a very telling game of Never Have I Ever, before talking about horrible fashion, their group text chain and Justin being “peed on.”

Hope you’re not ready to say "Bye, Bye, Bye" to NSYNC just yet, because they followed up their amazing Walk of Fame reunion on Monday with a group visit to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Though Justin Timberlake was the only announced guest for Tuesday’s episode, the entire boy band swung by the set for a group interview, where they played a very revealing game of Never Have I Ever.

DeGeneres did the lord’s work and grilled them on all their past hookups from the height of their ’90s and ’00s fame, asking whether any of them had been with someone twice their age, done it on their tour bus, joined the Mile High Club or been intimate with a Spice Girl. The latter question prompted a coy response from Timberlake, who initially evaded answering until briefly turning it to "I Have" after some taunting from Ellen.

Though none of them copped to getting down to an NSYNC song, all but JC Chasez said they had hooked up with a fan in the past. Timberlake made sure to point out that his wife Jessica Biel "is a big fan" before answering. When they were asked whether they’d dated someone another member of the group had dated, Lance Bass deadpanned, "That’s easy for me," before turning his paddle to "Never."

The boys also sat down for a group interview, where they first reflected on some of the horrible fashion they rocked back in the day (check out the gallery below for a reminder of their wild style). "We have to talk about some of the outfits," DeGeneres said, setting up the conversation. "No, we really don’t," joked Timberlake.

Looking at this photo, Joey Fatone said of Timberlake, "You had a jumpsuit on, you had a onesie. That is horrible!" Noticing a trend of multiple layers and oversized jackets, Ellen added, "You all look like you’re always winter skiing somewhere."

Chasez then revealed the guys keep in contact via a "ridiculous group chat." Saying it’s "the easiest way" to catch up. "We have a nice little group chat and everybody you run into, they’re like, ‘I wanna see the group chat.’ No."

Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick also called Justin out over their first reunion at the MTV Video Awards back in 2013, saying Timberlake didn’t give them the full story when they agreed to perform. "I was scared shitless," said Joey. "We hadn’t performed together as a group, it was one of those things like, we’re doing it again? Especially when we got together to rehearse, we’re looking at each other like we’re just gonna sing, right? And they’re like, no, we’re gonna dance. So me and Chris looked at each other like, ‘Oh great, here we go.’"

"We were told at first we were just singing, by the way," aded Kirkpatrick. "It was, ‘Yeah, come out we’re gonna sing a little bit.’ Me and Joey were like, ‘Yeah, cool we can step touch, it’s gonna be great.’ Then the choreographer shows up." Chris added they got through it thanks to "a lot of Tylenol."

Timberlake also did a solo interview with DeGeneres before the rest of the gang came out, where he said he loves the annual "It’s Gonna Be May" meme that pops up every year on April 30. He then launched into a story about his 3-year-old son Silas and the wet surprise the boy gave him earlier that day.

"I got to sleep around 2 a.m. because it takes a while to come down [from his tour performance]," he explained. "At like 6:45, I just felt like [covers face], it was a much smaller hand. He’s gotten to the point where he can sneak, he gets out of his room in the morning and sneaks around, sneaks into our room and gets up on the bed. It’s very sweet and I was very very tired."

"He’s a big boy now, which he will be happy to tell you," he continued. "We’re getting well down the line with the pee peeing on the potty thing. At nighttime we give him a diaper and so, I feel the hand, he hugs me and right on my back I was like, that’s really wet. I was like, ‘Hey man, good morning.’ Anybody who’s a parent out there knows that you’ve never been more excited to be peed on.

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