Directed by Scott Lazer, the video features the comedian receiving dirty looks as he shops at a grocery store.

Comedian Kevin Hart has relived his 2017 cheating controversy for rapper J. Cole‘s new music video for the appropriately-titled song “Kevin’s Heart”. Cole released the track as part of his new album, “KOD”, on Friday, April 20, and in the lyrics, he appears to reference the rumours of infidelity which rocked the “Ride Along” star’s marriage last year.

On the track, the MC sings, “She my number one, I don’t need nothing on the side/ Said that I was done for good and don’t want no more lies/ But my phone be blowing up, temptations on my line/ I stare at the screen a while before I press decline.”

The video itself, which was directed by Scott Lazer, features Hart receiving various dirty looks as he shops in a grocery store, while he later comes face-to-face with temptation after a sexy woman flirts with him and invites him back to her place. He declines the offer, but Kevin still experiences the disdain of an elderly onlooker for seemingly entertaining the idea, all while a radio host discusses his real-life scandal on air.

Hart has yet to directly comment on the song or video content, but he was happy to promote the release in a post online on Tuesday, April 24. “Go to youtube and check out the video to ‘Kevin’s Heart’ right now!!!!!,” he captioned a clip on Instagram. “Shoutout (sic) to my brother @realcoleworld”.

Go to youtube and check out the video to "Kevin's Heart" right now!!!!! Shoutout to my brother @realcoleworld ??????

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The promo comes four months after the actor admitted he was still working on repairing his marriage to wife Eniko, after he was caught on camera in a compromising situation with another woman while partying in Las Vegas in August while she was pregnant with their first child.

It was subsequently revealed that the video footage was being used against Kevin as part of an attempted extortion plot, forcing him to call in the police and come clean about his questionable behaviour, as well as apologise to his family.

Kevin and Eniko welcomed their son Kenzo in late November. The funnyman also has two kids from his previous marriage.

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