Lisa Appleton is sharing her pearls of wisdom once more to keep the sex lives and relationships of Daily Star Online readers on the right track.

Last week, Lisa was helping a woman who had a threesome with her boyfriend and his pal – but, in a shocking turn of events, she ended up preferring his friend.

Lisa said that the woman should move on with his friend instead, as her relationship was still in its early stages and Lisa questioned whether the woman's boyfriend was really that interested in her if he suggested she have the threesome in the first place.

This week, Lisa is helping a man whose girlfriend wants to introduce sex toys into the bedroom – but he's freaked out.

'My girlfriend wants to introduce sex toys to the bedroom but it freaks me out’

Dear Lisa,

My girlfriend and I have been together for a little over a year and we have a great relationship.

We also have a great sex life – or at least I thought we did.

However, she recently suggested that we introduce sex toys into the bedroom to spice things up a bit and it really freaked me out.

I was left feeling really emasculated.

I want my girlfriend to enjoy herself but the thought of it is making me feel really uncomfortable.

Am I being silly?



Lisa says:

We weren't designed originally to play with toys in the bedroom, so it's not silly.

But when you're in a relationship, it is natural to want to experiment, but sometimes others don't feel like it's very natural or don't feel comfortable.

It is very natural to feel like that.

You know, you're doing something that isn't really as nature intended and it may make you worried that you're not pleasing your girlfriend.

The thing is, your girlfriend might think that introducing more racy things into the bedroom is going to keep make you more happy.

She may be wondering if you're really happy with what goes on between the sheets.

I would just have a little chat with her and just reassure her with how happy you are with her – women need to feel that.

And those intimate moments are all about climaxing together.

So just say to her that you're happy to experiment from time to time with toys and it's not something you would say no to, but you can just see how it goes.

But don't worry too much as I'm sure she prefers the real thing – just give it a shot maybe.

  • Lisa Appleton

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