The Halestorm frontwoman has replaced Tarja Turunen on Twisted Sister singer’s holiday single, which was originally a hit for Celine Dion titled ‘God Bless Us Everyone’.

AceShowbizHalestorm star Lzzy Hale has replaced Tarja Turunen on Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider‘s “The Magic of Christmas Day” holiday single.

The track was originally a hit, titled “God Bless Us Everyone”, for Celine Dion, but songwriter Snider has reclaimed it for the 2020 festive season.

Earlier this year (20), he announced ex-Nightwish singer Turunen would be joining him on the track he wrote as a gift for his wife, but the tune dropped on Friday (November 13), with Hale dueting with Dee.

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“I knew I needed to bring in a young powerhouse vocalist to not only duet with me, but light a Yuletide fire under my a**,” Snider explains. “I only knew of one rock vocalist who could deliver on all those fronts, and she did in spades: the incredible Lzzy Hale.”

“If you’re ever, in your life, gonna go full-on, all-gas, no-brakes… you do it Dee Snider-style,” his Christmas song partner adds. “I was so honoured to get the call from Dee on his holiday classic ‘The Magic of Christmas Day’. After exchanging a few very affectionate ‘f**y yous’ as we rediscovered our respect and admiration for each other’s talent, the final recording is insanely epic.”

The 37-year-old singer and rhythm guitarist continues, “Thank you so much to everyone for having me. And considering we will all be experiencing a very different holiday season in 2020, I hope that this song brings you joy and puts a smile on your face. God bless us everyone!”

It hasn’t been explained why Hale replaced Turunen.

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