While all of England is recovering from the Three Lions’ impressive 2-0 victory over Sweden in the World Cup quarter-finals yesterday (July 7), it seems there’s one person who just won’t be getting into the football spirit.

The always-outspoken Noel Gallagher angered fans at his High Flying Birds’ gig in Scarborough’s Open Air Theatre on Friday (July 6) when he told them football WASN’T coming home.

After the audience broke out into a ‘football’s coming home’ chant in excitement for the quarter-final game, Noel responded: “Seriously though, it f**king so isn’t. It f**king is not. It is not. You f**king know it, and I know it.”

Of course, all of that was before England actually won the game, so maybe he’s changed his mind about football’s chance of coming home by now.

The moment was captured on video by a fan in the crowd, and it shows just another thing that Noel and his brother Liam disagree on, after Liam Gallagher showed that he was just as caught up in the World Cup as the rest of us.

Following England’s win yesterday, Liam tweeted: “Smash it up smash it up ooh as you were LG x.”

Of course, this is hardly the first time Noel has expressed a dislike for the England football team, as back in 2016 the singer explained that he wouldn’t be supporting the Three Lions during the European Championships.

“I am not a fan of the English team,” Noel said (via The Mirror). “I find the whole circus surrounding it annoying, that when they beat Germany in a friendly they are world beaters, but we all know Germany will win that trophy, and England will be lucky to get to the quarter finals.

“No, I’m not an England fan, though it would be great if England won anything, it would be truly staggering.”

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