Hollywood star Rebel Wilson suffered a painful injury after a sexy photoshoot went terribly wrong leaving her with a "swollen boob".

The 40-year-old, took to Instagram to update fans on the "massive incident" showing off her cuts, bruises and a cold compress that was nestled on her chest.

Rebel explained that she'd been taking "hot photos" by the rocks on the Mexican beach when an epic wave landed, causing a handbag – containing a passport – be swept out to sea.

As the actress and her entourage were due to travel today, Rebel wasn't taking any chances and lunged herself into the water to retrieve the goods, which included lots of cash and sun cream too.

Although, she managed to obtain all of their valuables after selflessly leaping into the ocean, she suffered a number of brutal injuries after the strong currents had plunged her into the rocks.

She shared: Ok guys a little bit of a massive incident, we're here in Mexico, we were taking hot photos out on the beach out there, on that amazing beach this morning.

"Unfortunately, while we were doing that basically Nicole's handbag washed into the ocean, it had her passport in it – which she is currently drying.

"And then I'm like, i'll get it because we've got to fly today and then I got banged up."

Showing off her injuries she held up a grazed knee and nasty cut to her hand, before adding: "Basically my left boob took most of the impact and it is going to be very swollen and bruising as well along with a scrape down my stomach when I smashed into the rock."

Wanting to keep others safe while taking beach snaps, she continued: "So guys warning! If you're taking hot photoss just be careful because the waves can get you.

"Be ocean safe."

Rebel, who vowed to make 2020 a "year of health" had been busy showing off her incredible body transformation on the sandy shores before the incident occurred.

Over the course of the last year, the comedian turned movie star has completely overhauled her lifestyle, shedding a whopping three stone, which has left fans wanting to know her secret.

According to the Rebel's personal trainer Jono Castano Acero, 28, high intensity interval training and other physical activity is the key to her success.

He told the Daily Mail Australia, "At a minimum, I preach to always get in 45 minutes daily. Whether that be a workout, a walk or something else that's physical that you enjoy doing.

"What I do for most of my clients looking to shed some pounds is incorporating a mix of different exercises into their session.

"Short bursts of intense cardio combined with resistance training and weights is my special formula."

Lisa Fiitt, who is the founder of Strong and Sexy app, told Daily Star Online Rebel has the right attitude when it comes to weight loss: "Rebel Wilson has a great mindset when it comes to transforming her fitness and wellbeing.

"I have loved seeing Rebel truly enjoying her fitness journey and showcasing the results she’s set out to achieve – she’s clearly very committed but still having fun (on social media) along the way – which is the right attitude!

"What she has achieved over the last couple of months is incredibly impressive – exercise and being active can be transformative but making it fun along the way will make sure you don’t fall off the wagon."

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