With the backlash to her Twitter scandal still very much in the headlines, Roseanne Barr has reacted furiously in a recent interview.

The comedian uploaded a clip to her own YouTube account, in which she can be seen smoking a cigarette and discussing her so-called ‘joke’ about former Obama administration official Valerie Jarrett.

It comes after she promised to upload an interview to her YouTube page, and vowed never to take part in a televised interview again.

As an off-screen producer compares the broadcast to a public address from a disgraced President, she hits back by reiterating that her tweet was referring to “the Iran deal”.

“That’s what my tweet was about,” she angrily declares, shouting: “I thought the bitch was white! God damn it, I thought the bitch was white! F**k!”

Watch the video in full here.

Roseanne previously attempted to excuse her racially-offensive tweet by claiming she was on sedatives when it went out.

The star, who was ultimately fired by ABC for the social media post, has also spoken out regarding her feelings towards those who reacted negatively to the tweet.

“I forgive everyone who hurt me. I forgive as fast as I can everyday. That is why I am able to live free. I want the best for everyone-I want no more racism or anti semitism or classism. I want peace! Let’s all move on & help FREEDOM!”

She later tweeted about the film which she referenced in a racial manner, explaining: “The movie Planet of The Apes (my favourite movie) has a great subtext that is an accurate representation of class-race-religion intersections & juxtapositions.”

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