Roseanne Barr is reportedly trying to mend a broken relationship with her former co-stars.

Just a few months ago, Roseanne Barr was on top of the world. Her recently rebooted family comedy was the highest rated show on TV. The show was renewed for a second season with ABC even before the final episode aired. All she had to do was keep her mouth shut and ride the gravy train to retirement.

But if you know Roseanne, keeping her mouth shut is not one of her strong suits. Her Twitter account is increasingly home to bizarre conspiracy theories comdemning democrats and liberals, until finally on May 29th she made her now infamous remarks against former White House adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Within hours ABC announced the show’s cancellation. Roseanne naturally issued several apologies, even going so far as blaming the sleep medication Ambien for the tweet. Ambien reps tweeted back to say that racism is not a known side effect of their medication.

In other words, nobody bought the apologies. Roseanne’s co-stars, who were suddenly out of a job, were not happy.

Now it seems that Roseanne is out to rebuild some burnt bridges. Insiders speaking with ET say that Barr is reaching out to her former cast and crew in an attempt to mend things and apologize. She’s even “broken down” during some calls.

What was especially motivating for Roseanne is little Jayden Rey, who plays her granddaughter in the show. According to sources, “she is mortified to think” Rey believes Barr no longer loves her simply due to the color of her skin.

Friends of Barr are also left in confusion, wondering how a woman that championed equality earlier in life could ever utter such a racist remark. Roseanne tweeted on June 5th that she is busy making “restitution” for getting the show canceled.

While Roseanne calls former co-workers, ABC writers and producers are trying to come up with an idea for a spinoff show without her. The idea would be to have all the main characters reprise their roles without the titular Roseanne, who wouldn’t be attached to the show in any way.

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