Sophie Turner showed off a new tattoo days after her fiancé Joe Jonas also got some new ink.

The Game of Thrones actress used Instagram to debut her new tattoo to her 7.5 million followers. She got an adorable black and red bunny on her upper arm. Although Turner captioned the photo with a shout to Toronto-based tattoo artist Curt Montgomery, fans are still wondering what the meaning behind the bunny is.

? by the hero and my fave @curtmontgomerytattoos ??

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It is worth noting most of Turner’s ink does have meaning to her, so choosing the bunny was likely not just for fun. Her finger tattoo, the first she ever got, is a representation of her family. She also has “August 7, 2009” inked in red, which marks the day she landed her life-changing role on Games of Thrones.

The actress clearly spends time thinking about her ink and making sure there is a special meaning behind it. So what about the bunny? Well according to Refinery29, one theory is the little creature has special meaning because she wore a bunny costume for Halloween the year she met her soon to be husband Jonas. That year she spent the holidays with his family and they began their budding romance.

Turner has not commented on the meaning of her ink but it likely has something to do with her relationship with Jonas. After all, he got an outline of a woman also in black and red. The couple went together to get their new tattoos and both thanked Curt Montgomery for the ink. Chances each of their latest tattoos have something to do with their romance.

@curtmontgomerytattoos does it again ???

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Sophie Turner has a new cute but simple tattoo that has fans wondering if the meaning behind it has to do with Joe Jonas. She has yet to share the exactly what her new ink means to her but chances are she will when she is ready. Whatever her reason for getting the tattoo is, it definitely is a cool piece of ink. Not too flashy just simple and cool.

What do you think about the new ink the GOT star got? Do you think it has something to do with her hunky fiancé?

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