The Cranberries are honoring late frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan with one final album.

On Friday, the Irish rock act will release its eighth and last album, In the End. The band’s remaining members — Mike Hogan, Noel Hogan and Fergal Lawler — put the 11-song album together from unfinished demos found on O’Riordan’s personal hard drive after her death. (The singer died last January by accidentally drowning due to alcohol intoxication; she was 46.)

“It was just like winning the Lotto,” lead guitarist Noel Hogan told the Associated Press of discovering O’Riordan’s songs. “And that was it. We had the songs.”

The band agreed they would only release the album if it measured up to their and O’Riordan’s standards.

“Before we went into the studio, we kind of set the bar saying, ‘OK if it’s not good enough, it’s not going to make the cut,’” drummer Fergal Lawler told the AP.

However, the band had more material than they ever imagined.

“We even told the record company, ‘We might end up with only seven or eight songs here, if we feel a vocal isn’t really making it,’” guitarist Mike Hogan told USA Today. “But she’s such a strong singer that even on an off day she was better than a lot of people were on their on days, so that wasn’t a problem at all.”

Now, as the band prepares to say a final goodbye to their late lead singer, they hope they’ve created an album she would be proud of.

“If there’s another place that she’s looking down from, that’s what she would really love the most: That those songs that she spent a lot of time working on and loved means so much to so many other people,” Noel Hogan told the AP.

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