The rocker and guitarist Pete Townshend grappled after Roger flushed Pete’s stash of drugs down a toilet.

The Who rocker Roger Daltrey was briefly kicked out of the band for fighting with guitarist Pete Townshend.

The two bandmates grappled after Roger flushed Pete’s stash of drugs down a toilet, and the singer was asked to leave.

“I’m a little guy and I used to get bullied quite a bit when I was young,” Daltrey tells Rolling Stone magazine. “My fight-or-flight-instinct… if I ever felt it was going to get nasty on me, I would fight.

“I had an altercation with Pete one night after I flushed his drugs down the toilet, and he came slashing at me with the bells of a tambourine. We ended up having a bad fight and I got thrown out for four or five weeks.

“I was going to form a soul band… They brought me back when I promised not to start any more fights.”

And it was a good job Daltrey was around for the band’s high times – because he was often the only sober one in the band.

“You try getting three people on acid from the Monterey Pop Festival all the way to London!” he laughs. “I was the one that didn’t take the acid. All I ever did was pot. None of it used to agree with me. It used to affect my singing, and all I ever wanted to be was a good singer.

“I was f**king boring. Hopefully I never turned into an a**hole, ’cause I saw so many people coming out of the bathroom. They went in really good blokes, and they came out complete a**holes.”

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