Former TOWIE star Jess Wright has revealed she secretly underwent a breast reduction earlier this year because her boobs were 'falling out of everything'.

The brunette bombshell, 35, has told how she reduced her cup size from a 32DD to a 32C in March.

Jess has opened up about feeling so "much more comfortable" with her new boobs and complained her old implants would "stick out of bikinis" and she was "always falling out of them".

Speaking on her Girls No Filter podcast, Jess said: "I got home from where we got engaged and I went in for an operation. had my breasts made smaller.

"I wanted to share as it's good for girls who are in position who want to get a boob or job or want to get a reduction.

"I had one about eight years ago now and I've always felt they were too big.

"Everything I wore I felt they were sticking out of bikinis I was always falling out of them, and everything I wore on the red carpet I really had to tailor make or make sure [I couldn't fall out of], and I couldn't wear anything that I wanted to because of them."

Jess revealed she had three consultations around the world, one in LA, before deciding she wanted to go ahead with the procedure.

She said: "I always thought you could only have a reduction which is quite a lot more work and you have a different scar, but actually you can change the size of your implant which is exactly what I have done,' she said.

"I am so pleased with them, I feel so much more comfortable in bikinis in front of people, and I feel I can wear better clothing."

But Jess has no regrets about getting her implants put in.

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She said: "Don't get me wrong, as much I thought they were too big, they weren't ridiculously big, and naked they looked good. Some people got good useā€¦ joking.

"They were good for a certain amount of time. I wish I had gone for a smaller implant.

"If you've got good breast muscle there to begin with, don't go too big or they will look absolutely massive.'

The brunette bombshell, 35, showcased her reduced boobs on Instagram while on holiday in Greece last month.

Speaking to MailOnline in 2016 Jess revealed that her chest was her least favourite body part because her "boobs were too big".

Since she left The Only Way is Essex in 2016 after a whopping 16 series

The brunette bombshell is regularly posting sizzling snaps to her 1.4m Instagram followers, keen to show off her incredible physique.

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